Getting The Word Out: How to Create Funeral Invitations for Your Loved Ones?

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When someone passes away, it’s crucial to make sure that everyone who knew and loved them has the chance to attend the funeral. Invitation for death ceremony in Hindu frequently serves two purposes: alerting guests of the funeral location and breaking or verifying the tragic news of a loved one’s death.

It’s understandable if you aren’t familiar with the right protocol for death announcements. This guide is created to assist you to understand what to do, when to do, and how to do it in a proper and courteous way.

What is a Funeral Invitation? 

A Funeral Invitation is a short, written (sometimes paid-for) statement that informs close family members or friends of a person’s death. The term “Invitation” is crucial. It is also an official announcement or verification that a person has died. 

The Funeral Invitation can be a short personal message, a personalized digital card, or even news placed in the deceased’s local newspaper. The message will contain the deceased’s name and death date. The date and time of the viewing, funeral, or Zoom Prayer meeting are usually included in the announcement.

What to write in a Funeral Invitation?

Keep the invitation to a minimum. Simply highlight the most important occurrences. Remember that you just need one brief description, that shouldn’t contain any long or heavy sentences. 

Begin by stating the person’s entire name, followed by the fact that they have died and the date of death. You may optionally specify their death location (city/state) as well as their birth date (and place of birth, if desired). If you want you can mention additional information like the reason of death, “survived by” (i.e. names of close, surviving relatives), and funeral and/or memorial service information. Provide the date, time, and location of the service if it is open to the public.

During these uncertain times, virtual funerals are more frequent than ever before. When a part or all of the visitors “attend” the Prayer meeting online through video call, live stream, or another digital medium, it is known as a virtual funeral. Thanks to digital streaming services, such as Zoom, numerous individuals can participate in the same virtual video and audio conversation, providing a sense of community. Since not everyone can meet physically during these times, you must share a proper link for people to virtually be a part of the Prayer Meeting.  

The correct phrases to use

The most challenging part for many individuals is to write with a respectful expression. It’s easier to just state that the individual has died or passed away. 

Here are some right phrases you can use:

  1. Died
  2. Passed away
  3. Departed this life
  4. Went to be with the God
  5. Breathed his/her last
  6. Lost their battle
  7. Was called home
  8. Was released from this life

Funeral Invitation Template with Example

The following information is included in a Funeral Invitation:

  1. A photo of the deceased
  2. Their full name
  3. A declaration stating that the person passed away
  4. The date of death
  5. Place of death (optional)
  6. Name of close, living family members and their relation
  7. Funeral information (date, time, and location)
  8. Link for the Prayer Meeting


Make the invitation as concise as possible. Keep in mind that this is “only” an announcement. Once you have your invite ready, send it to every close relative or friend you may think of. You can find everyone, you wish to get in touch with, in phone contacts and inform them all at once.

Since these are digital cards, they are easily shareable. You can send them to distant relatives or coworkers. Some may even mail these to the decedent’s clients. Include a photo on the top, followed by other important information or perhaps even a WhatsApp number people can reach out to send their condolences. 


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