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Funeral/Prayer Decoration Services

We spend our whole lives celebrating birthdays, achievements, weddings, and other milestones. While these days mark the happiness of our earthly life, it is essential to honour the passing way too. One of the most meaningful and elegant ways of doing so is through funeral decors. Decor for Funeral Ceremony Decoration should come from the heart and speak to who the lost one was as an individual.

Funeral Memorial Décor

Our team has created personalized, elegant, simple, as well as grand decorations that truly honours lives!

Last Journey Offers-

  1. Hearse Van Decor
  2. Freezer/Coffin Box Decor
  3. Cremation Ground Decor
  4. Prayer Hall Decoration
  5. Catering Services & More

1. Funeral Van Decoration

When a loved one passes away, there is a lot to deal with both personally and professionally. The most important service is the dead body transfer or ambulance services for your loved one. When it comes to transporting the lost one to the burial/cremation ground or crossing foreign borders, it must be done with respect and honor. Strategies must be devised, records must be organised, and expenses must be discussed. Along with dead body transport and ambulance services, Last Journey provides decor services for all vehicles and vans to better commemorate the life of your loved one. You can choose from our various funeral decoration ideas to make your loved one’s final ride one to remember!

We believe that the last transportation of your loved one is symbolic of the journey that they had on earth. Therefore we make extra efforts to make the ride a memorable one. You can either choose from our range of ambulance decorations or opt for customized services. We make the small things count!

Some of our unique funeral decorations theme include:

    • Paradise Decor
    • Ambrosial Decor
    • Divine Decor
    • Glory Decor

2. Freezer Box Decor/ Decor for your loved one

A last visit to the loved one is the most painful experience for the family and friends. It is a goodbye not just to the person but also to the bond that you had with the lost one.

The Last Journey teams understand the sensitivity of the situation and offer you to take care of your loved one. By making use of auspicious and holy items, we embellish the lost one. Seeing the lost one in peace will surely help you to heal.

We guarantee that your loved one’s final ride will be in good hands and in good condition. Along with providing well-kept vehicles, such as mortuary vans/ambulances with built-in chilling systems and cutting-edge technology, we also provide freezer box and coffin decoration. Our vehicles are well-maintained and equipped with excellent infrastructure to ensure a pleasant travel. They have ample room for you to travel comfortably with your loved one and ensure everything goes smoothly. Last Journey makes it simple for you to accompany your loved one on their final voyage. Our staff can additionally design the floral decor of the vehicle to make the farewell ride even more unforgettable!

Our funeral decor services for your loved one is inclusive of the following-

  • Freezer Box
  • Casket or Coffin
  • Floral Decoration for death ceremony (Rose Petals, marigolds, lilies, and much more)
  • Preparations for bier and Arthi
  • Candles and Scents

3. Cremation Ground Decorations

Honoring the dead has long been a significant part of Hindu culture. Across various civilizations, we mourn their loss and preserve their memory in a variety of ways. We have memorial services and wakes. Funerals are complicated affairs that we plan. We also practise sorrow via our actions and clothing. One of the most favoured methods is to decorate cremation grounds with flowers, wreaths, or other symbolic items and presents that help memorialise who they were in life. Decoration gives their final resting place a sense of personalization. We decorate the cremation grounds of our loved ones and family members to honour them even after they have passed away.

4. Prayer Hall Decor (Chautha, Tehravi, Funeral home decor)

Funerals and memorial ceremonies allow family members, friends, and those who cared about the departed to commemorate and remember the deceased while providing comfort and support to those closest to them and to each other.  The Last Journey provides specialised funeral prayer hall services, including prayer hall reservations. We will arrange Gurdwaras, Community halls, Churches, Mosques, and many other venues to meet your needs. We understand that making all of these decisions in such a stressful situation can be daunting, so we pledge to give you our advice and suggestions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To create a soothing and positive spiritual experience for you and your family, the last journey also offers decor services for all faiths including Hindu funeral decoration. This includes framed photographs of the loved one, floral decor for the house, funeral table decorations, candles, lighting, sitting arrangements, and catering services for snacks.

Themes-Based Funeral Decor Services – 

  • Aerial Funeral Decor 
  • Elegant Funeral Decor
  • Aesthetic Funeral Decor
  • Minimal Funeral Decor

5. Celebration of Life Events

A Celebration of Life Event is a form of end-of-life ritual in which people gather to honour the deceased’s unique life. After physical remains have been cared for through burial or cremation, life celebrations are popular. As a result, you’ll have a lot more time to plan the ceremony and make decisions about how you want to commemorate your loved one’s life. And, without a question, this helps you make better judgments about how you want to honour the life of someone you care about.

A Celebration of life event for your lost loved one is meant to focus on the good memories and the positive aspects of the deceased person’s life. It is a way to remember and cherish the life of your loved one. Appreciating the relationship that we had with the loved one, honouring their nature, interests, achievements, and even the mistakes will allow us to have a space to pay a good farewell.

  • Funeral table decorations
  • Entrance decors
  • Easel Stand Decor
  • Funeral flower decorations
  • Mini decor elements
  • Mementoes and giveaways for guests

The decorations that you select to utilise at the life celebration are one of the most important components of the celebration of life ideas. Last Journey is a memorial service and celebration of life event planning company. We relieve the stress of preparing a memorial service and allow you to focus on honouring the memory of a family member or loved one. Allow us to handle the details; we can assist you in determining the perfect location, managing attendees, and creating a life celebration to remember.

We understand how difficult it is to prepare for such an occasion and how crucial it is to honour your family’s memories. As a result, we collaborate with you to plan a magnificent event to commemorate them.

You can contact us for a free consultation on our funeral or celebration of life service options, as well as additional event planning suggestions. Please contact our team for more information if you require assistance with the memorial service decoration ideas

6. Catering Services

Although catering may not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of a funeral or memorial ceremony, a reputable local catering company can be useful.

When family and friends gather to mourn the loss of a loved one, they frequently share a meal to commemorate the occasion. Preparing, cooking, and cleaning up after a meal, on the other hand, is the last thing anyone wants to do. Last Journey will set up your meal, feed your guests, and take care of the leftovers. We’ll take care of the demolition and cleanup, so you don’t have to. All of the necessary service items are included in our meals, including plates, cups, and heavy-duty disposable cutlery.

Last Journey Provides various options related to Funeral flower Decor.

  • Lilies Funeral Flowers

    Lilies– The lily flower is considered the most suitable flower for funeral decoration. The colour of these flowers makes them perfect for such peaceful situations.

    Lilies are found in different colours but the most picked colour for funeral decoration is white. White brings peace, sympathy, honour and innocence.

  • Daisies Funeral Décor Flowers

    Daisies-  Like the lily flowers, daisy also comes in white or different colours. Daisy flowers are used in making a pompous funeral arrangement. These flowers feature other flowers with their colour and beauty. Daisies are traditionally used for the young and infant funeral decorations.

    The vibrant colour of daisies depicts joyful memories along with sadness. It is quite tough to bear a loss of an infant or young child but the families choose to make their last moments vibrant.

  • Roses Funeral Décor Flowers

    Roses-  The rose flowers show a universal meaning of love and respect.  They make a perfect and supportive funeral arrangement.

    The different shades of roses convey different meanings like red shows deep love, white shows peace and yellow shows intense friendship.

  • Carnation Flowers

    Carnation-  Carnation flowers are also a good choice for funeral decoration. They support the long flowers like roses and lilies. They make a perfect bunch in making a cross or decorating caskets.

    Like other flowers, these also include several shades but purple carnations are used frequently in funeral decorations. The purple shade depicts the dignity and respect for the departed soul. The purple gives a peaceful combination with white flowers and a colourful combination with pink flowers.

Last Journey works differently from the conventional ways. Apart from the floral decoration, we offer our service users personalized decoration options also.

What is on the list of personalized funeral decorations?

The personalized decoration ideas depict that family members are recognizing the significance of a life lived beautifully. Here are some ideas that one can choose and bid adieu to the beloved one in a unique way.

  • Collect the memories on a table

Memory tables are the most useful way to display your love towards the departed person. Beautifully organized pictures show the bonds between you and the departed one in distinct life phases.

  • Write something impactful about life’s

A quotation board enhances the beauty of the place where you want to organize the funeral along with impacting people’s thinking about life. A great thought related to the life journey of a deceased person on the quotation board will be the best option to decorate the place.

  • Memorial stones

You can replace the guest book with memorial stones on which every visitor can share his/her thought about the deceased person. The family can keep these memorial stones in the house and they will remind the family that everyone has a beautiful thing to share about that person.

Floral Decoration For Photo Frames

The concept of offering flowers to the departed soul has been an old tradition across the world among different religions and cultures. Flowers are used at funerals as a visual expression of our sympathy, grief, love, and respect for the deceased, but this was not always the case. In early times, fragrant funeral flowers were placed on and around the casket of the deceased to perfume the area and ward off the smell of the decaying body. The decoration of photo frames of those who are not with us anymore is also a popular cultural practice and across many Indian cultures, these photo frames are decorated with a flower garland, mostly with white flowers. Nowadays, people wish to make the more elaborate floral decor in order to pay a grand tribute to the lost life. Each flower has its own meaning and we advise families to pick those that resemble their dear departed as sign of homage.  

Last Journey holds international-level expertise in providing the best floral decor for photos as well as funeral prayer meetings. We have provisions for highly customized decoration options and a vaullt of numerous exotic flowers to choose from such as White Crisanthiums, Orchids, Babybreath, white Rose, Lilly, among 100+ others. Along with floral arrangements we also provide personalized framing options and families can choose from different frame styles and sizes. Last Journey on their digital portals gives facility of obituary and memrobilia serives. Previously our services have been trsted by promitient dignitiaries till date we have served over 15,000+ families across the globe.

Get in touch with us for all faith funeral services and international repatriations. We are present across 20+ cities in India and over 120+ countries. Our floral decorations are availble for mortuary ambulance, vishram sthal, cremation ground, prayer meeting venues, etc.


In a funeral prayer service, the family and friends of the bereaved gather in a prayer hall giving them a chance to pay condolences to the grieving family.

The average price for funeral flowers is Rs 700.

Sympathy flowers are usually white, pink, yellow, pale blue,black or lilac.

Flowers used at funerals are marigold and rose petals

Funerals are all about remembering and honouring your lost loved one. To make the event more personalized add framed photographs, floral decor, funeral singers, video tributes, eulogies, and mementos. You can even incorporate activities and causes close to the heart of the lost one.

Default funeral flowers used are marigold, lilies, carnations, roses, orchids, and tulips.