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Funeral Services

Helping families navigate through grief with care and compassion - Last Journey Funeral Services.

Funeral Services

Helping families navigate through grief with care and compassion - Last Journey Funeral Services.

The Last Journey Funeral Decors Services

Our decor options include everything from flower arrangements to lighting and seating arrangements, all carefully curated to create a serene and comforting atmosphere.


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Effortlessly plan a dignified farewell with our 3-step process - Quick, Reliable, and Hassle-Free.





I am so thankful for the caring and professional staff they made the process much less overwhelming.

Anirudh Das

Funeral Services

The services provided were exceptional. They took care of everything and made sure our loved one was laid to rest with dignity.

Monika Sharma

Funeral Services

Despite the COVID situation in Delhi, your team organized for a dignified and graceful farewell of my mother.

Ruchi Sharma

Funeral Services

We spend our whole lives celebrating birthdays, achievements, weddings, and other milestones. While these days mark the happiness of our earthly life, it is essential to honour the passing way too. One of the most meaningful and elegant ways of doing so is through funeral decors.

Decor for Funeral Ceremony Decoration should come from the heart and speak to who the lost one was as an individual. Our team has created personalized, elegant, simple, as well as grand decorations that truly honours lives, we also have Celebrity and Politician Funeral Services.

Last Journey Offers-

  1. Hearse Van Decor
  2. Freezer/Coffin Box Decor
  3. Cremation Ground Decor
  4. Prayer Hall Decoration
  5. Catering Services & More

1. Funeral Van Decoration

When a loved one passes away, there is a lot to deal with both personally and professionally. The most important service is the dead body transfer or ambulance services for your loved one. When it comes to transporting the lost one to the burial/cremation ground or crossing foreign borders, it must be done with respect and honor. Strategies must be devised, records must be organised, and expenses must be discussed.

Along with dead body transport and ambulance services, Last Journey provides decor services for all vehicles and vans to better commemorate the life of your loved one. You can choose from our various funeral decoration ideas to make your loved one’s final ride one to remember!

We believe that the last transportation of your loved one is symbolic of the journey that they had on earth. Therefore we make extra efforts to make the ride a memorable one. You can either choose from our range of ambulance decorations or opt for customized services. We make the small things count!

Some of our unique funeral decorations theme include:

    • Paradise Decor
    • Ambrosial Decor
    • Divine Decor
    • Glory Decor

2. Freezer Box Decor/ Decor for your loved one

A last visit to the loved one is the most painful experience for the family and friends. It is a goodbye not just to the person but also to the bond that you had with the lost one. The Last Journey teams understand the sensitivity of the situation and offer you to take care of your loved one.

By making use of auspicious and holy items, we embellish the lost one. Seeing the lost one in peace will surely help you to heal. We guarantee that your loved one's final ride will be in good hands and in good condition. Along with providing well-kept vehicles, such as mortuary vans/ambulances with built-in chilling systems and cutting-edge technology, we also provide freezer box and coffin decoration.

Our vehicles are well-maintained and equipped with excellent infrastructure to ensure a pleasant travel. They have ample room for you to travel comfortably with your loved one and ensure everything goes smoothly. Last Journey makes it simple for you to accompany your loved one on their final voyage. Our staff can additionally design the floral decor of the vehicle to make the farewell ride even more unforgettable!

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