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Embalming is a way of preserving your loved one from decomposition by injecting chemicals and solutions. Though it is a personal choice, the intention is generally to make the lost one look suitable for a religious ceremony or funeral service. Embalming services are mandatory in case the body is to be transported by train or by air. Another reason for choosing to get your loved one embalmed is to spend more time with them and bid goodbye. Seeing your loved one restored gives an appearance of peaceful sleep and wellness.

The process of embalming services starts with preparing the body. Since its a surgical process, the body is first disinfected. Then the limbs are massaged to relieve the stiffness. Following this, the two main steps of embalming are performed – setting the facial features and the process of arterial or cavity embalming.

How Embalming is Done.

Arterial embalming involves removing the blood through veins and then replacing it with the embalming solution. On the other hand, in cavity embalming services, a small incision is made in the lower abdomen of the body to drain the gas and fluid content of the body. It is then replaced with formaldehyde-based chemical mixtures.

This is how embalming is done at Hospital.

The embalming services are highly surgical and involve a lot of planning and resources. Since it is highly technical, one should go with only experienced services. Our team assures you of the best of services.

Last Journey provides you with the following Embalming Services.

  1. Certified and Professional Embalmers.
  2. Preparing the body for Embalming.
  3. Setting up of Facial Features.
  4. Arterial/Cavity Embalming.
  5. Cosmetic Preparation (Makeup, hair, and clothes).
  6. Coffin Maker Certificate
  7. Transportation Services

Our team works with the utmost care and compassion. We want you to mourn in peace and leave all the responsibilities, including embalming services, to us. Continuously working towards providing you with a fulfilling experience, the Last Journey team assures you that all your requirements will be well taken care of by us.

If you want to book embalming services anywhere in India, please let us know. We provide complete embalming services, including coffin maker certificates and transportation.

Which documents are Required for the Embalming service?

As Embalming is a process that provides safety to the body and lessens the chances of damage due to decomposition, the team requires some documents and the consent of the head member of the deceased person.

The given documents will be needed by the team to start the process of Embalming.

  • Consent letter of the family members of the deceased person.
  • Postmortem report or postmortem conduction certificate if the deceased body went under the postmortem process.
  • The No Objection Certificate (NOC) is issued by the local police authority. It is also known as Body Handover receipt.
  • Identification of the dead body is very important hence the family must provide a valid identity card with a photograph of the deceased one. The photograph should be of recent times.
  • The family members should also provide the medication documents if the deceased person had any body illness, especially communicable ones.
  • If the body is transported by a foreign land, the family should submit the requisition to the Embassy- High commission.
  • The payment slip issued by the organization should also be there with the other necessary documents.

Why one should choose the Embalming services offered by Last Journey?

Due to some major reasons, the Embalming services offered by Last Journey are considered one of the best among many ones. Here are those reasons.

  • Our Organization provides excellent Embalming service by experienced and trained doctors.
  • Our team takes great care of the body before the embalming service as well as of the embalmed body.
  • After completion of the embalming process, our team provides the best quality coffin boxes for safely placing the embalmed body inside it. The coffin box certificate ensures the safe transportation of the deceased body.

The certified embalming service of Last Journey leaves no room for any complaint.


Yes, a body can be viewed without embalming. It is a simple funeral option. Embalming is necessary in the case of air transportation of the deceased. Your funeral director may also advise embalming if they feel it may get distressing.

No organs are removed during embalming. It might be done during an autopsy.

On average a body lasts one month after the embalming process.

Last Journey has a team of expert embalmers and morticians who take care of embalming. We also help you in sending dead bodies anywhere in the world. We have a world-class transportation service.