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About Us

From Grief to Healing: The Last Journey's End-To-End Funeral Services

A Welcome note from the founder

Being a part of the FNP family for nearly 5 years, Rishabh sees FNP not just as a company, rather as a family working endlessly to celebrate all the joyous moments of life from beginnings, birthdays, weddings to celebrations. This same thought stayed with him and brought in the idea of offering a helping hand at the time of losing a loved one. With a forward-thinking approach, he wanted to work to provide a wide variety of funeral and cremation services that exist today. He thinks that traditional services will always remain a popular and practical choice for many families and he wants to continue to proudly offer traditional services in addition to modern and eco-friendly alternatives. Also, to ensure the fulfilment of these values, he leads the team with ultimate drive and compassion.

Rishabh Jalan

CEO & Co-Founder


We are a faith-based multi-religious organization catering to the individual needs of families with uttermost dignity and care.
  • To provide guidance and support to mourning families
  • To Honor and Celebrate Lives through various platforms
  • Offer traditional as well as modern alternatives for funerals


The last Journey aims to be one of the most respected, reliable, and personalized funeral service providers for people of all religions and communities.
  • Help families acknowledge and cope with the loss healthily
  • To change the negative perception of death by creating awareness.
  • To improve the quality of life by propagating better healthcare services.

We are here when you need us

The demise of a loved one is one of the most painful experiences in human life. It is inevitable to happen at some stage of our lives. The only thing that can help us heal is the support of family and friends. After a loved one passes away, we tend to get involved in arranging for the funeral. However, imminent, the process can get overwhelming and difficult. Realizing this, The Last Journey by Ferns N Petals introduced an initiative to help during the hardest time of their life. Our end-to-end funeral services allow families to mourn in peace. Our plethora of services are inclusive of managerially as well as psychological assistance:

  1.  End-to-end Funeral Services
  2.  Cremation/Burial Services
  3.  Transportation Services (Ambulance, Hearse, Mortuary Van)
  4.  Freezer Box Services
  5.  Preparing the beloved for the final rites
  6.  Premium Antim Sanskar Samagri
  7.  Pandit/Purohit/Priest Services
  8.  Prayer Hall Bookings (Gurdwaras, Community halls, Churches, Mosques)
  9.  Funeral Artists (Bhajan Singers)
  10.  Theme based floral tributes
  11.  Asthi Visarjan Services
  12.  Post Cremation Ceremonies (Chautha, Tehravin, Shraddha)
  13.  Online broadcasting of rituals via Zoom
  14.  Eco-Friendly Funeral
  15.  Celebration of Life Events
  16.  Counselling Services
  17.  Dog Therapy Services
  18. Repatriation Service
  19. Dead Body Transportation

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