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The Last Journey also translated as Antim Yatra that is defined as the end of all the hardships of life and getting all the arrangements done for the last rites for a loved one.

Such a painful loss of any vital member of your family can be devastating. Our caring and sympathetic staff is dedicated to providing you with quality professional service to help you through this difficult time. The team at Last Journey will offer all the required services for a funeral ceremony starting from the hearse, to the cremation, to the prayer meeting. We also plan obituaries, remembrance and floral arrangements, with dignity in the memory of your lost loved ones.

You can rely upon us for personalized funeral services. We will try our best to give your family or friend peace of mind, as our team will be there to plan as well help you in these difficult times. Above all, we will ensure that planning for a funeral as well as last rites is the last of your worries. We will also try and offer you advice regarding any of the rituals that need to be performed as per your culture by consulting the priests if you so desire.

Our end-to-end funeral services for the deceased person will help you to be with your family in this moment grief instead of running to various places for all the arrangements. We aim at offering relief to the grieving families by taking over their stress of organizing all the activities right from ambulance to the prayer meeting. We will also offer you professional funeral manager will reach your place within a few hours with all the materials required and will assist you through the entire funeral process.

The Last Journey signifies a person’s journey of leaving the earth leaving all the memories behind to be cherished by their loved ones. We understand the pain of losing a loved one be it a family member, friend or even your beloved pet. The pain is not only difficult to bear but it also leaves a permanent void in your lives. Our team at Last Journey can’t take your pain away but we do assure that you face no problems while arranging for all the last rites of your loved ones. We will not only take care of all the arrangements but we will also accompany you to a Ganga ghat for immersing the ashes (AsthiVisarjan) and also performing the PindDaan. Our services also include full guidance for the rituals that need to be followed as per the different faiths and also the bereavement counseling for those in need.

We can’t ease your pain but we will assist you with the best of our services which are just a call away at +91-7827777889.


The Last Journey by Ferns N Petals.

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