Cremation Services

The Last Journey Cremation Services in Delhi NCR.

The remorse of losing one is one of the worst feelings in the world. Plus, arranging for the lost loved one’s cremation ceremony is one of the most difficult things to amidst in those heart-breaking times. Now you can leave all those worries to us and just be a support system to your friends and family in those difficult times. You can totally rely upon the team the Last Journey who will handle everything on your behalf.

Death being a very unfortunate event leaves the families and friends devastated. Plus, after the demise, organizing dignified last rites and the cremation ceremony with full dedication and respect is a very important thing. But, we understand how difficult it becomes getting through the strategy while handling everything.

Here are a few funeral and cremation centres in Delhi:

  • End-to-End Funeral and Cremation Services in Delhi

    To help you get through all this, we at Last Journey offers funeral and cremation services in Delhi. We will take care of all the arrangements and let you be with your family and friends in these difficult times. The loss of a loved one is not an easy emotion to handle which may also affect your actions. Therefore, you can totally rely upon the Last Journey funeral home cremation services to help you organize the cremation in Delhi. Our services include performing the last rites, ambulance service for cremation, arranging all the required things, and also look for a cremation centre in Delhi.

  • 24*7 Cremation Services

    We totally understand how difficult it is to look as well as secure a burial ground in Delhi at the last minute. So, here we come in the picture to take charge and relieve you of all the responsibilities. Our team understands the sensitivity of the moment and be with you so that you can acknowledge the demise of your loved ones. We will be there for you for all your requirements.

  • High Quality Assistance

    For the cremation ceremony, our services include comprehensive funeral and cremation services in Delhi. You can rely upon us for everything starting from the cremation ceremony to arranging food for the guests as well as the priests. Our services are available for all the religions and we even offer services such as transportation and ambulance service for cremation, freezing, as well as washing. The team at Last Journey funeral home will take care of embalming the body, and preservation of the mortal remains.

    All we want is to bring you a little peace of mind even in the difficult times.


  • Funeral & Cremation Arrangements Ceremony

    A personalised funeral, memorial, or cremation ceremony honours the deceased’s unique life and personality as seen by their loved ones. Last Journey’s experience allows us to make the tough work of planning funerals for families less stressful and to lend a hand by making it inexpensive. For every family who chooses our funeral services, we believe in a tailored approach. Our team of skilful individuals will work closely with you during the entire process. 

    Last Journey services has been serving people all over the country with funeral arrangements, and exposure to personalized funeral services. We serve all faiths and beliefs to remember, honour and respect the departed in the most authentic way possible.


Cremation is a process in which the human body is burned to ashes. Some religions, such as Hindus, cremate their loved ones, after which the ashes are immersed in the holy river Ganga.

At a cremation service, the body of the deceased is brought to the ground in a hearse van. The pandit/priest chants some prayers while the cremation process is carried out. After the service, the ashes are collected and kept in an urn by the grieving family.

The difference between cremation and direct cremation is the timeline between the demise and the cremation. In the case of direct cremation, the body of the deceased is not prepared and is taken immediately to the crematorium. Whereas, for the traditional cremation the body is first prepared for viewing that includes embalming and dressing.