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Green Funeral - Last Journey

The Last journey understands that cremation service is a very personal and sensitive ceremony. One may take each decision as per their cultural traditions. While we certainly ensure that all the services will be customized as per your preferences, we also offer green funeral services or eco friendly cremation in Delhi NCR. We are a socially responsible organization and believe in taking initiatives towards a better environment.

Hindu cremation services typically use firewood for the cremation of the deceased. According to statistics, the traditional wood cremation requires the wood of about 4 lakh trees in just one city. In addition to the environmental impact on the trees, the burning of firewood also adds to air pollution. Keeping these facts and figures in mind, we provide you with two options.

The Last Journey Eco Friendly Cremation in Delhi NCR.

  • Green Funeral Services – Cow Dung Logs

    We encourage the use of our cow dung logs for the cremation process as not only will that reduce deforestation but will also reduce the percentage of pollutants released into the air by a considerable amount. Another positive of this eco friendly cremation is that it has a cost advantage over firewood. You will have to pay less if you choose to go with an eco-friendly cremation process.

    Our team always keeps in mind the traditions you follow and works on our green funeral services accordingly. The cow is a sacred animal as per the Hindu culture, and therefore, the use of cow dung logs is considered to be auspicious.

  • Green Funeral Services – Electrical Cremation.

    If you wish to be completely economical, then electric cremation is your best option amongst our green funeral services. They make use of furnaces for cremating and allow the family to take the remains in just a few hours. Since there is no burning of wood, harmful emissions are not released. This eco friendly cremation alternative has a cost advantage over the traditional wood pyre.

    Also, more and more cremation services are introducing electrical cremation as it reduces the spread of the virus through the infected body.

The Last journey believes that even small changes can save our environment and the world. We must give back to the earth. If you consider these green funeral services, you allow the deceased person to leave behind their green legacy. Saving the environment means saving lives.

We assure you that all services in terms of eco friendly cremation services in Delhi NCR are of high quality. There will be no extra hassle, and we will support you 24*7.

Green Funeral services- CNG Cremation

For boosting the trend of green funerals and eco-friendly cremation among people our organization also provides CNG cremation services. The CNG furnaces adopt the process of low-pollution emission methods and prevent the surroundings from getting polluted with harmful particles.

Many crematoriums have upgraded the methods of conventional wood cremation and acquired the CNG cremation system. The benefits of this eco-friendly or green cremation are endless. Let’s have a look at how can they help you in different ways.

  • In this cremation process, there are fewer chances of emission of harmful gases like carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide.
  • CNG cremation does not require a pile of wooden logs like a traditional cremation. Hence by adopting the CNG cremation method you can save several trees from cutting down.
  • In the tough times of increasing pollution, this cremation method helps in making the air quality better for people.
  • Another aspect of embracing this eco-friendly cremation method is less time consumption during the process. Wood pyre cremation takes several hours and it also depends on many weather conditions like the direction of the wind, rain, etc.
  • The CNG cremation process can complete the entire cremation within 35 to 40 minutes.

Last Journey organization has a professionally skilled team that serves the people in the best possible way. As a team, we put our all efforts into satisfying people by providing them with the facilities of green cremation of family members or deceased person’s choice.

After seeing the great inclination of people toward eco-friendly or green cremation, Last Journey is establishing its contact with several crematoriums that provide the infrastructure of CNG and electric cremation services. We offer several options of cremation places to people who are looking for a green cremation facility so that they can choose one of them according to their convenience.


In our country, we have the following options:

  • Cow dung logs instead of wooden logs for cremation
  • Use of eco-friendly alternatives such as natural coffins and caskets
  • CNG/Electric Cremation

The most environmental friendly option for funeral in our country is CNG/Cremation