Repatriation Service

Repatriation Service

The death of a loved one while away from home can exacerbate an already stressful situation. When a death occurs abroad, where unfamiliar languages, local expectations, and customs can be difficult to navigate if left to family members. This might be as difficult for international families who want their deceased loved ones to be returned to their homeland. Last Journey will arrange for funeral repatriation so that your loved one can be returned to you wherever you are in the world. Our team is an expert when it comes to planning and organising interstate and international repatriation.

  • Repatriation Services

    • Deceased’s transfer and care
    • Embalming for repatriation
    • Professional translation services
    • Coffin or casket wrapping and crating

    • Arrangement of documents and permits 
    • Provisions for transportation and vehicles
    • A large selection of coffins and caskets are available.

Transfer of The Deceased with Utmost Care

Last Journey takes pleasure in our patient care, not only professionally, which is our first focus, but also in our compassionate approach. Cross-border transfers necessitate even more careful preparation and diligent attention. We have successfully repatriated patients or human remains in numerous countries. This includes repatriation from the UK to India, the United States to India, Singapore to India, and many more. Both the family and the insurance companies regard us as cost-effective. Being one of the top repatriation companies, we communicate with the family as well as the appropriate government departments to meet their demands and ensure that the funeral repatriation service is completed on time.

Collection of all the Necessary Documents

We understand how tough it can be to bring your loved one back from a foreign land. That is why we are here to make the process of repatriation from countries as simple as possible. Our professional team goes above and beyond to ensure that your loved one receives the best repatriation service possible, collecting all necessary and required documents, arranging transportation, and making the repatriation arrangements with the respective country’s authorities and airlines, as well as providing essential support to ensure that the deceased is treated with the utmost care and respect. 



What does Repatriation mean?

Repatriation is the process of relocating a deceased individual to another country when a death happens outside of the country. Some Indian nationals who die abroad express a desire to be buried or cremated in India, or vice versa. All these services are provided by the Last Journey.

How does repatriation from any country work?

We can assist you in arranging for your loved one to be buried or cremated in a foreign country. Once we are provided with a copy of the death certificate, we manage the creation of all necessary papers required to repatriate the deceased by air transport.

How long does it take to repatriate a body?

The time it takes to repatriate the body varies based on where the individual died, but it normally takes between five and seven days if the deceased died of natural causes.
A post-mortem may delay repatriation by up to three months if questionable circumstances were surrounding the death; but, on average, transporting a loved one to your chosen country takes ten to fifteen days.