Important things to know about Animal Cremation Services

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We have always considered our pets to be a part of our family and we love them just like we love any of our family members. Even their loss gives us so much of grief as same as we feel for our family members or friend. Therefore, we also have to make sure, that our furry friends get a proper goodbye. Plus, we also want to make sure that we create a proper memorial so that they can stay in our memories forever reminding us of the joys that they brought into our lives.

There are some people, this is all about the cremation and memorializing the ashes. If you are looking for something like this, so here is help from our side that you should be aware of it regarding the animal cremation services.

Firstly, you need to know what to go for? Burial or cremation?

In most of the cases, we decide on burying our pets on their demise, at some yard or public pet cemetery. But, there are chances that other animals try to dig up the remains if we don’t dig them at a safer place. This turns out to be very traumatic for the family who has lost them. Plus, if you decide on shifting to a new place, then there would be no one to take care of your pet’s grave.

If your town has got a public pet cemetery,  then you can go for them. Plus, if you are looking for having a memorial that is just for your pet, then should go on the cremation may route.

Who does pet cremations?

In some cities, there are certain pet crematoriums that are in contract with veterinarian clinics. There are also some cities that have crematorium for both humans as well as pets. These usually have two separate designated areas for them. You can always check with your vet to see who they use. Plus, you can also rely on the Last Journey to give your pet the most dignified last rites. 

How to drop off your pet’s remains for the cremation?

In some cases, your vet can help you to arrange transfers to the crematorium. Above all, there is the Last Journey to help you with everything be it transfers or cremation just the way you want it.

Things to know about the Cremation Process

Mostly there are two types of cremation for the pets. One is private and other one being communal. If you go for communal one then there is a chance that you may not get your pet’ ashes as your pet would be cremated along with other animals. Whereas, if you go for A private ceremony, then your pet would be cremated alone and you will able to get the ashes afterward.

Steps followed in the process

  1. Your pet’s remains are incinerated in high heat and the time taken depends upon the size of your pet
  2. Any metal objects are then removed from the remains
  3. The large pieces of bone from the remains that are not able to incinerate are then pulverized as ash
  4. At last, the cremains are given in an urn, box, or other enclosed by the crematorium

We hope this guide will help you!

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