Garhmukteshwar Cremation Ground

Garhmukteshwar Cremation Ground - गर्ह गंगा

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Nowadays, cremation is getting more popular globally due to its low-cost, adaptable, and personalized approach to commemorate a life. The funeral arrangements can be as simple or even extravagant as the family wants. Unlike the traditional burial, a casket, a chapel service, pallbearers, or a funeral carriage aren’t required. In addition to this, cremation also gives families more time to be together by removing the stress of preparing a funeral ceremony way before.

Garhmukteshwar Cremation Ground based in Bakhtawarpur, Uttar Pradesh is one of the most popular and serene places to conduct last rites for a deceased. The ground is an open space to conduct traditional cremation. It is located in an easy-to-reach location with a peaceful neighbourhood. Family members and friends can easily reach Garhmukteshwar Cremation Ground by public or private transportation. 

You can easily reserve a slot at this cremation ground by contacting or arranging an appointment with Last Journey. We make an online reservation on your behalf as soon as we receive your call and guarantee that everything works well without causing any stress to your family.

Last Journey Funeral Services at Garhmukteshwar Cremation Ground:

  • Wood Pyre and CNG Cremation Available.
  • Provision of Transportation by Mortuary Van/Hearse/Ambulance.
  • At Home body Freezer Box Deliveries.
  • Quick Arrangement of Antim Sanskar Samagri, including Kurta Pyjama, Sacred Items, and Urn.
  • Experienced Pandit Services for Ritual and Further Guidance.
  • Provision of Sandalwood Log and Cow Dung Logs.
  • Assistance in Asthi Visarjan to the choice of your pilgrimage
  • Organizes end-to-end Chautha/Uthala/Tehravin Prayer meets

Help and Support :

  • Assistance in obtaining a Death Certificate.
  • A Funeral Manager for Supervision.
  • Two Staff Members for Constant Help and Support.

Requirements :

  • Photo ID of the deceased.

Last Journey Funeral Services in Uttar Pradesh

Last Journey is a team of professional and empathetic individuals with the motive to assist you during the most difficult phase in your life. Our company’s objective is to deliver high-quality funeral assistance at reasonable prices. Providing specialised cremation services, including slot booking at the ground, we also strive to provide elegant floral arrangements at the site to best honour your deceased loved one.

We take satisfaction in our ability to collaborate with anyone who contacts us at any point in time. Our team of industry professionals have a wealth of experience and contacts in the funeral industry. We work relentlessly to assure the quality and arrangement of everything done by us is perfect.


Ganga Bridge, Bakhtawarpur, Uttar Pradesh 244235