How to choose the right funeral transportation option

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Funeral transportation is one of the most crucial elements of the last journey of a loved one. It not only helps in reaching the final resting place of the deceased but also marks the last ride. It is advisable to turn to funeral service providers for such services as they are experienced and have all the possible options. If you wish, you can arrange for it yourself. Both ways, it is better if you know about all the options for different needs and situations. 

  1. Ambulance Service.

The modes for ambulance services include by car, by train, and by plane. It is available for both patients and the body. For patients, there are two types of services, one is Advanced life support(ALS), and the other is basic life support (BLS). The former consists of a mobile I.C.U along with a nurse and a doctor, and the latter consists of basic emergency needs. 

In the case of transportation of the body to the resting place, ambulance service providers will decorate the ambulance of the lost one for a memorable journey.

ambulance service


      2. Hearse Van.

This is a large vehicle specially designed to take the body of your loved one to the cremation/burial ground. Along with the coffin/casket, the family members can travel along to take care of the body. This van comes with air conditioning facilities, a professional driver, and an attendee. You can opt for transport decor or any other special requirement that you may have.

ambulance service


      3. Mortuary Van.

For long distances or interstate travel with the body, mortuary vans are feasible. They come with built-in freezing systems that prevent the body from decomposing and maintains its freshness. The infrastructure of the mortuary van services are up-to-date and include air conditioning, attendees, and a professional driver. 

ambulance service


     4. Transportation by Train.

Another option for transporting your loved one back home for the funeral service is by train. This service comes with the freezing systems in an AC First class/2nd AC train. Since there are laws relating to this, certain documents may be required for hassle-free travel. 

train service


      5. Transportation by Air ( Domestic and International).

Body transportation by air for domestic and international travel requires certain documents. A procedure needs to be followed, including getting clearances at the airport for import and export of the human remains. It is advisable to get this done through air cargo services provided by funeral companies. Their services include assistance in getting required documents, embalming, coffin, custom clearances, cargo bookings, and attendee arrangements. 



During such hard times, it can get overwhelming to make decisions but don’t worry as many funeral directors and companies can help you through this. Remember to stay calm and spend time with your family.

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