New trend! Tattoo ideas in the memory of your loved one

July 13, 2021 0 Comments
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Gone but never forgotten! When we lose a loved one, it can be hard to accept that we will never see them again, hear their voice again, or share special occasions with them. Despite the absence of their physical self, memories still matter. Seeing the photos, videos, and mementoes of our beloved lost soul can provide comfort, but it may not be enough. In our hearts, we know that they are always there protecting and guiding us. This is the reason that more and more people are opting for getting tattoos to honour their loved ones. It is indeed a more permanent way to keep them close by.

We have compiled some real-life tattoo ideas for the right inspiration!

Tattoos for loved ones

1.     RIP Roses with initials

Representing life, roses are the most classic and beautiful pattern along with birth, death dates and initials.

Rose Memorial Tattoo

2.     Angel wings

Your loved one will indeed go to heaven. It’s a design that can be customized for your grandparents, mother, father, sibling, or child.

Angel Wings Tattoo

3.     In Loving memory

For a more evident memorial, you can get the words “In Loving Memory” inked along with personal customizations.

4.     Forever in my heart tattoo

This will serve as a simple, elegant, and heartwarming memory. If you want a minimal design go for it!

Always in my heart Tattoo

5.     You will never walk away

If you lost a little one, an outlined footprint of the lost one is a lovely way to always keep them close by.

Tattoo for child memorial

6.     Customized Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are a representation of life and fragility. It is a meaningful way to represent the true nature of life. All of us have to let go someday or another!

7.     A Cross or an Om

To have a more faith-based tattoo that will remind you of the lost soul, you can opt for a religious symbol.

Cross Tattoo

8.     Loved one’s handwriting

Our writing is as unique as we are! Having the imprint of the handwriting of your loved ones is a very special way to honour them.

9.     Butterflies

They are a symbol of freedom and resurrection. Having a butterfly is a great way to honour and remember a friend.

Butterfly Tattoo


Pet Memorial Tattoos

1.     Pet Paw print

How much we wish to hear those sounds of the paws. While that may not be possible you can always get them printed on yourself.

2.     RIP Pet dog

You can get the photo of your pet as a tattoo along with the name and customizations.

Pet Memorial Tattoo

3.     Dog and flowers/heart pet memorial tattoo

This kind of pattern is a beautiful way to represent that your pet is at rest in a pretty and peaceful place.

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