Celebrate the life of your loved one

Celebrate the life of a loved one

While having dignified and respectful funeral services for your lost one is crucial, we tend to ignore the fact that the life of our loved one deserves celebration. The Last Journey believes that celebrating life not only will honor the life of your loved one but also will help you to heal. Honoring the contributions of the deceased in our lives, remembering their personalities, interests, achievements, and even mistakes will be a gracious farewell.

The Last Journey offers the following services in the memory of your loved one.

      1. Celebration of Life Event

We will organize a celebration of life event in the memory of your loved one. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. It will be customized and themed to symbolize the life of your loved one. While you spend time with your family, we will take care of the smallest of the details.

     2. Professional Video Tribute

With a bit of your help, we will compile and create a professional video tribute in the memory of your loved one. Seeing all the happy moments will help you heal. We aim to embrace lives.

    3. Planting a memorial tree

Plant your loved one’s favorite seeds or flowers and watch it grow and flourish with us. You can create an event allowing the family members and friends to be a part of it.

     4. Start a Charity in their name

Celebrate the life of your loved one by helping others. We will help you support a cause which the lost one believed in b creating a charity or a scholarship in their name.

    5. Other Events

We know that each life is specialized and unique. If you have any other preferences or needs on how you want to celebrate life, we will make sure to get everything arranged for you.

  • Headstone Memorial

    Remembering your loved one after separation in this materialistic world by visiting their headstone memorial will be a better way. The customized wooden or stone headstones where the specific wordings related to the life of the departed soul are engraved give you an emotional touch. These headstones depict how long and how much he or she had contributed to your life.

    Visiting here with family members creates a strong bond and dense love between people.

  • Arrange a food drive in the memory

    The family members and close friends can start a yearly food drive in the loving memory of the person who left this abode and set out on a new journey. This will be the best noble cause as it is said that satisfying someone’s hunger is included in the greatest works.

    This gentle cause will give reason to the people to remember the beautiful soul. The last journey provides this service with all the arrangements.

  • Creating a Memory book with the pictures

    Pictures evoke memories in a super-fast way. The compilation of the pictures of the person who is not physically present among the family members makes their presence realistic.  Last journey asks for the sole pictures of the deceased person and also the group pictures for making a lovely photo book.

  • Arrange a gathering of family members

    The absence of a loving person can never be filled. But each passing moment with the support of family members lessens it. People can arrange a gathering in the remembrance of their loving person and they can share their memories by saying a few words about him or her.

Other things and events can also cherish the good moments and memories of your loved one.


The celebration of life focuses on the positive aspects of a person’s life to lift everyone’s spirits.

You can write eulogies that honour the contributions of the deceased in your lives, remembering their personalities, interests, achievements, and even mistakes.

A celebration of life can also be held in an hour or two though if you wish to include food, drinks, music, and more, it lasts longer.

Unless the celebration of life event has a dress code, it will be good to wear anything formal and respectful for the service.