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Access all the services of Last Journey in Amritsar

Last Journey team covers pan India including Amritsar City through its death-centric services. Our team is established with the prime aim of supporting every needy family who has lost a beloved one. In Amritsar, you can hire our team for -

  • Funeral services and Funeral procession
  • Cremation /Antim Sanskaar or Mukhagni
  • Burial of the deceased body
  • International and National dead body transportation
  • Dead body preservation through freezer boxes and
  • Virtual Gathering, prayer meeting, Asthi Visarjan, Teheravin, Chautha and Brahman Bhoj etc.

The members of our certified funeral direction company strive to cover all the needs of mourners so that they can peacefully offer a farewell to the departed soul. However, we leave plenty of room for the customized or personalized services of the clients.

The prime advantages of hiring our team for the above-given purposes -

Here you can take a glimpse of all our services which are further categorized into main service areas.

1. Funeral Services -

Last Journey is the leading funeral direction organization in India that has conducted scores of arrangements regarding funerals in India. Here in Amritsar, we know the precise details of every location which makes us more worthy to hire. We offer-

  • Help in booking the funeral homes or halls
  • Arrangement of vehicle for Antim Yatra
  • Decoration of the vehicle and funeral place
  • A perfectly framed photograph of the deceased person.
  • Provision of the priest, tech team and professional Bhajan singers for specific purposes.
  • Managing the fundamental facilities at funeral place like sitting, lighting, ventilation, availability of water and cleaning etc.

For hosting a modern or customized funeral event, we recommend ideas and services to the family of the deceased person. These ideas include the celebration of a life that is not anymore with us.

2. Cremation and Burial services -

A final goodbye to the beloved one in a dignified way is cremation and burial rites. You can take our assistance in offering a respectful farewell. We provide-

  • Help in booking the slot at the cremation ground for a dead body
  • Preparing the body for the cremation rite
  • Antim Sanskaar Samagri in perfect packaging
  • Wooden logs for a traditional cremation
  • Metal or earthen urns for collecting ashes
  • White clothes for lead mourners

After the cremation, our team helps in making arrangements for the Asthi Visarjan ritual also. For a burial, we book the place in the cemetery and provide quality coffin boxes to safely keep the remains.

3. Transportation or Repatriation services -

The team has gained quite good experience in dead body transportation from an internal state as well as from a foreign country. We know the rules, guidelines and safety measures that play an essential role in repatriation services.

4. Providing safety through freezer boxes -

Last Journey team offers end-to-end services in freezer box assistance. Our team will reach quickly at your doorstep right after attaining the details regarding delivery. From delivery to operating to pick up, our team will take charge of every small task.

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