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Repatriation Services

Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from South Africa to India

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Dead Body Transportation from South Africa to India

The unfortunate incident of someone's death overseas shatters the world of his/her family and friends. In these distressing hours, the family wishes to be with the remains of the departed soul, but the complexity of repatriation enhances the pain.

Lack of awareness regarding the protocols of foreign states, language differences unfamiliarity with the locations, etc are some compelling causes to hire a funeral direction team that works globally.

If you are going through a similar troubling situation and are willing to bring your beloved one back home from South Africa to India, a renowned team, Last Journey will assist you professionally.

The prime inclusions of Last Journey team in shifting the remains to the final resting place -

After hiring the team the family of the deceased person can rely on us completely. We cover each small to big responsibility through our finely designed dead body transportation service structure.

  • Seeking legal permissions from the consulate of countries and local authorities
  • Creating a common portal for team & family members to inform them regarding all updates
  • Contacting the local funeral homes of South Africa to shift the body to the mortuary
  • Obtaining all the documents and certificates from the responsible authorities of South Africa
  • Forwarding the dead body for an embalming procedure
  • Arrangement of domestic transportation, coffin box, casket, cooling cabinet, and AC container.
  • Booking online tickets for final shipping to India through two-way air cargo services

These all features of Last Journey team's dead body transportation services ensure safe, quick, legal, and dignified repatriation. Along with these fundamental facilities, we leave room for your specific demands and strive to fulfill them if possible.

1. Get the clearance from higher & local authorities -

After getting hired by our valuable clients, the team immediately approaches the consulate of South Africa and informs them about the demise of an Indian citizen in South Africa. The authorities grant a Transit Permit for airlifting the body.

2. Coordination with local funeral homes for the safety and comfort of the dead body

Last Journey team has contacts of certified entities in South Africa that are working as funeral homes. We approach them for arranging,

  • An ambulance van for local transportation
  • Dead body freezer box or cooling cabinet
  • Sealed casket
  • Coffin box that complies with the shipping rules determined by the government
  • Air conditioning container


If there is no prohibition for embalming in the family of the departed person, the team will forward it to the certified center of Embalming. Here the body undergoes a complex medical process in which the body fluid is substituted by a mixture of a few chemicals and water. Along with it, a treatment is also performed by the doctors' team to prevent the skin from any deterioration.

Now the embalmed body is kept inside a coffin box. The box must have perfect sealing properties and metal linings to avoid any chance of spreading a foul smell out of the box.

3. Collecting and arranging all important documents -

From the beginning to the end of repatriation, you will be asked to submit several documents or certificates that ensure the safety of the deceased body.

Here are the essential elements of the documentation process in repatriation.

  • Death Certificate
  • NOC
  • Transit Permit
  • Autopsy report if asked
  • Embalming certificate
  • Coffin box certificate
  • Passport of deceased
  • Ticket details
  • No infection certificate

These documents will be present in original as well as xerox format with you.

4. Online ticket booking -

After fulfilling all the requirements regarding legal duties & dead body preparation, we will check the schedule of air cargo & flight services by South African airline companies.  The team will book the tickets for two-way air cargo services and ensure the end-to-end delivery of remains in India on time. 

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