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Dead Body Transportation from the United Kingdom to India

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Dead Body Transportation from the United Kingdom to India

Making the arrangements for bringing the dead body of your beloved one through self-transportation from a foreign state causes more pain. Instead of self-transportation,  one should take the professional assistance of a funeral direction team.

Being a global funeral service provider, Last Journey team of India can help you meet all the requirements in a dead body transportation procedure. In our widely extended shipping service criteria, dead body transportation from the United Kingdom to India is also included.

You can simply hire us through a phone call, share the crucial details with us and the team will initiate assisting you immediately.

What are the key roles of Last Journey team in repatriation from the UK to India?

  • Ensuring the presence of all essential documents
  • Establishing smooth contact between the family and local funeral teams to provide the best services to the deceased body
  • Sending the body for postmortem if required and embalming process
  • Arrangement of an ambulance van equipped with all amenities for safe domestic transportation
  • Booking online tickets for air cargo and flight facilities

Apart from fulfilling the fundamental needs of a deceased body and the concerned family, our team openly embraces the personalized demands of clients.

How do we cover each aspect of a legal Dead Body Transportation from UK to India?

Experience, knowledge and coordinating qualities of teammates enable the team to carry out the whole legitimate process in less duration than the anticipated one.

1. Communication with authorities and local funeral homes of the UK -

The very first step in the direction of dead body transportation is informing the higher and state-level authorities of the UK. This helps in registering the death of an Indian citizen in the UK departments. Another reason for notifying them is receiving the permission granted (Transit Permit)  by the UK consulate for shipping the dead body to India.

Communication with local funeral teams in the UK helps the team collect the dead body in the presence of local police and shift it to the mortuary. The police grant NOC as a clearance in the case of natural death.

2. Getting medical clearance as a clinical Death Certificate -

The team assists the family in receiving a valid death certificate from the certified medical officer after a medical examination. We check all the information mentioned on it mindfully before receiving it. It includes -:

  • Name, age and gender of the departed person
  • Timing, date and day of death according to the country where the death occurred
  • Cause of the death

The certificate must be in English language as it is the only language accepted in both the countries involved in repatriation.

3. Embalming service for the dead body -

Before placing the body in a sealed coffin box for final transportation it must be embalmed. Last Journey team members will shift the body to the Embalming center in the UK by ambulance van and ensure the best services after receiving an embalming certificate.

The embalmed body is placed in a coffin box. The box must comply with all the guidelines determined by the UK government for safe & dignified transportation.

4. Collecting all the crucial documents -

Here is the list including all the documents mandatory for air shipping under protocols.

  • Death Certificate
  • NOC
  • Transit Permit
  • Embalming certificate
  • Coffin box certificate
  • Consent letter by family
  • Passport of deceased for canceling
  • Out of England certificate signed by the coroner
  • Autopsy report if needed
  • Copy of the death registration paper
  • ID of team and family members
  • Details of ticket

Now the team books online tickets for "two-way air cargo shipping services from the UK to India". This feature of air shipping helps the family return the belongings to the UK authority. 

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