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We provide quality assistance in several arrangements after the demise of your beloved one. Hiring us for cremation, funeral, burial and other death related rituals will be beneficial in one more way as we are entirely aware of the locations of the Bhopal city and has worked with several funeral homes and cremation grounds or ghats.
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End-to-end services of Last Journey services in Bhopal

Last Journey's funeral direction is gaining ground in each city of India through quickly accessible and reliable services. Now you can avail of our services in Bhopal as well. Our team is always prepared professionally to share the grief of a bereaved family from scratch to the end.

Our key services related to final rites in Bhopal :

1. Funeral rite services -   

Last Journey makes its presence right after receiving your call regarding service requirements. We book funeral homes and halls immediately that are located near your residency. Our team analyzes all the fundamental arrangements like proper sitting, lighting, ventilation and availability of water etc at the place where the funeral is conducted. Decorating the deceased body, altar, final procession vehicle and funeral location with flowers and other customized things is also performed by our professional team members.

2. Cremation - wave a final goodbye to your loved one with  us

Last Journey team is well versed in performing all the cremation ritual-related tasks in a dignified and quick manner. We have worked with the authorities of several cremation grounds and cremation ghats to smoothly conclude the rite. From booking the slots to providing Antim Sanskar Samagri to religious priests to collecting the ashes or remains in the urn, our skilled team leaves no stone unturned in satisfying grieving souls. Our cremation services give you ample time to mourn the loss with your close ones in peace as we take the entire onus of completing each task.

3. Keep your beloved one safe with our services -

Our team quickly reaches the doorstep of the service user with its end-to-end dead body freezer box to safely keep the remains till the cremation and burial. The qualitative cooling cabinets of our organization are capable of preventing the deceased body from any sudden jerk, unfavorable weather conditions and during transportation. The dead body freezer box service team is highly skilled in delivering, operating and picking up the cooling cabinets on time.

4. Transport your beloved one from foreign nations -

It is quite complicated for a mourning family to bring the deceased body back home or native country in a legal, dignified and reliable way. Our repatriation services prevail in the USA, UK, Canada, Dubai, South Africa and other foreign states. Our team completes the legal documentation and body safety responsibilities simultaneously in foreign countries.

5. Asthi Visarjan / Virtual Prayer meeting / Teheravin / Chautha / Pagadi -

Along with understanding the pain of losing someone, our team respects the faith of all religions and communities. We can offer you our assistance in all the death rituals that are followed in your specific religion.

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