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We cover all the needs linked with the death rituals of a departed person through our quality, quick, reliable and promising services. Another trait that makes Last Journey different from other funeral direction organizations is its end to end service delivery feature. Covering nearly all the cities of India our team has extended its offices and service centers in Coimbatore as well.
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Quality services of Last Journey group in Coimbatore

Following the customs after the demise of a person is mandatory in every religion and community. From Funeral to Antim Yatra to Cremation/Burial to Prayer Meetings there is a wide range of death rituals that require a dignified service offering. It is not practical to manage everything perfectly while you and your entire family is in immense pain.

This is one of the most compelling factors why people hire direction and guidance organization for death rites. Last Journey is one such renowned and certified company of Delhi that provides professional help to bereaved families.

Main service fields of Last Journey organization in Coimbatore-

The services of Last Journey team is segregated into the below-given sections. Have a glimpse of those rituals in which we serve our valuable clients.

  • Funeral and Funeral Procession
  • Cremation
  • Burial
  • Prayer meeting, Asthi Visarjan, Teheravin, Chautha, Pagadi Rasam, Brahman Bhoj and Memorial gathering.
  • Dead body freezer box services
  • Transportation of dead bodies from foreign states as well as on a national transportation basis.

These are our key service areas in which our certified, skilled and experienced team members strive to satisfy the mourners. Apart from these rituals and service areas, we also embrace the customized demands of our clients. Respecting the wishes and religious belief of each person is our duty.

How do we empathize the grievers through our compassionate services?

Due to working in this specific industry for several years, Last Journey group has gained noteworthy experience. This experience becomes visible in our service pattern. We believe in offering a well-structured format of assistance in the most vulnerable moments of people. Let's know how.

  • First we book the place for funeral, cremation, and other death rituals after discussing with the family of deceased.
  • Arranging a well-equipped ambulance van and hearse van is our priority.
  • The team books the services of a competent priest who belongs to the same community or religion of deceased's family.
  • Provision of wooden logs, Antim Sanskar Samagri, White clothes and other objects of necessities at the location.
  • The team takes good care of the bereaved families by focusing on the fundamental amenities like comfortable sitting, ventilation, water bottles, light snacks and proper lighting at the place of final ritual. 
  • In legal processes like transportation (National & International), we utilize our in-depth knowledge of rules and guidelines.

Last Journey's services are quite far from any kind of business and disrespect. We believe in consoling and healing the mourners through our services.

Any family or individual can hire us in Coimbatore by contacting the team, letting us know the requirements and then easily access the services at the doorstep.

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