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Last Journey services related to death rituals in Goa

Quite popular in the many big and small cities of India, Last Journey has expanded its professional assistance in Goa city as well. From Funeral to Memorial, our team covers a wide range of rituals that take place after the demise.

Our prime aim of establishing this certified funeral direction organization is to empathize the mourners through timely, reliable and professional services. The inclusion of end-to-end service feature makes the grievers more calm and relaxed during the phase of pain and agony.

If a family who has just lost a beloved one looking for a credible organization in Goa to conduct a dignified funeral, cremation, burial, Asthi Visarjan, virtual prayer meeting, Teheravin, Memorial and donation drive etc, can hire Last Journey team. The team will be available at your doorstep without any delay for serving the departed soul as well as the mourners.

Our traditional way of hosting a dignified funeral with a slight touch of modern methods -

Last Journey funeral services are recognized for their perfect and timely management.

  • Booking of funeral hall after picking the nearest one from the resident
  • Decoration of the Antim Yatra vehicle and funeral place
  • Arranging a floral tribute for the departed soul
  • Preparing and placing the deceased body at the altar in the funeral hall
  • Embellishing the photograph of departed soul with light, flowers and garlands
  • Arrangement of flowers and garlands for the attendees who will place them near the body after prayers
  • Provision of all the fundamental needs like comfortable sitting, water bottles, ventilation and lighting etc.
  • We help in adding customized decorations, themes and messages for the celebration of your beloved one's life.

The adept team of Last Journey in traditional and modern cremation services -

We offer our professional help in arranging all the necessary things which are an integral part of Hindu cremation rite. After attaining all the information from the lead mourner of the deceased's family we perform-

  • Booking of the cremation ground or slots at the CNG cremation chambers and Electric cremation places.
  • Provision of Antim Sanskaar Samagri in a packed manner.
  • White clothes for close family members
  • Urns for accumulating ashes
  • A competent priest for guiding the mourners during cremation
  • Wooden logs of Aam, Neem and Chandan trees for conventional cremation

After cremation, our team helps in Asthi Visarjan ritual also at Kashi, Prayagraj, Ujjain, Haridwar and Gaya etc.

No alternative for our dead body safety and transportation services -

When it comes the safety of the deceased body or human remains, our team makes the best possible efforts. We offer cooling boxes, well-equipped ambulances, coffin boxes and embalming services in Goa. Our team has also completed several transportation tasks through air and roadways. From international to the interstate, our transportation services are quite distinct and more reliable than any other organisation.

You can hire our team for several purposes related to the death rituals. We serve the people of all the religions, communities and sects.

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