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Last Journey Services in Panaji

Offering the last rites to a departed soul has two main purposes which are, an official announcement of a person's demise and helping the soul in attaining peace through a dignified farewell. Last Journey helps you in fulfilling both purposes through its services that exceed the expectations of families going through immense pain after losing a beloved one.

If a family is seeking professional help in biding a dignified adieu to the departed soul in Panaji, Last Journey's professional services will be available at your doorstep with just one phone call.

Here are the key services of Last Journey available in Panaji.

1. Funeral & Cremation Services -

The very first ritual that takes place in the last rites of a deceased person is organizing a funeral and then cremating the dead body according to religious beliefs. Last Journey team includes a wide range of services in its funeral and cremation package so that the mourning family can spend those vulnerable moments with their loved ones.

Have a glimpse of what we provide during funeral and cremation rituals.

  • End-to-end services in providing vehicle/ambulance services for dead body transportation.
  • Freezer box service with the assistance of a team member.
  • Booking of the funeral hall and cremation ground after discussing with family.
  • Decoration of Antim Yatra vehicle, Funeral hall and Cremation ground etc.
  • Provision of sacred Antim Sanskaar Samagri and flowers for honoring the departed soul.
  • An experienced and religious priest for chanting the hymns/prayers and guiding the lead mourner of the family.
  • The team offers white clothes for the close family members who are taking part in the funeral and cremation rites.
  • Arrangement of sacred wooden logs of Aam/Neem/Chandan etc for the cremation.
  • Beautiful urns for collecting the ashes or remains after cremation.

International & National dead body transportation through air/waterways-

Many people live in foreign countries and lose their lives there. The families of such a deceased person can not complete all the legal responsibilities while bringing the dead body back home in a deeply agonizing state. Last Journey stands strongly with the families during international repatriation and interstate transportation of the dead bodies.

We help them in,

  • Getting the legal clearance from the embassies and the local authorities.
  • Collecting all the legal documents like death certificates, embalming certificates,s and permission from foreign states.
  • Sending the body for the embalming process.
  • Arrangement of mortuary, ambulance, and coffin box for safely keeping the dead body.
  • Booking the air cargo tickets for the dead body coffin box.

Services for Teheravin/Chautha/Pagadi Rasm/Prayer meeting

In every religion, diverse final rites take place for the peace of the departed soul as well as the family members. But in the Hindu religion, a 13-day-long mourning period occurs which is full of many other last rites. Last journey team bears all the responsibilities as a dedicated support system till the last day.

We provide spacious halls for final rituals like Teheravin & Pagdi Rasam. Arrangement of Brahmin Bhoj, Gau Daan, Vastra Daan, etc also falls under our service criteria. We take bookings for Asthi Visarjan at sacred places in India like Prayagraj, Haridwar, Kaashi and Rameshwaram, etc. 

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