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Thank you for fulfilling my mother’s last wish. Your team successfully managed to cremate my mother at her birthplace.

Anukool Sachdeva

Funeral Services

The services provided were exceptional. They took care of everything and made sure our loved one was laid to rest with dignity.

Monika Sharma

Funeral Services

I am so thankful for the caring and professional staff they made the process much less overwhelming.

Anirudh Das

Funeral Services

We all live in a country where people belong to different religions and they believe in different faiths or beliefs according to their religious practices. These different religious practices also include death rituals or final rites. In some communities, we see cremation after the demise of a person while in other ones we see the burial of the human remains. But some communities adopt both the process, cremation followed by burial after the demise of a person. Usually, the followers of the Catholic religion embrace this Post Cremation Burial process. Last Journey organization offers services related to post-cremation burial or combined service of cremation and burial.

Our skilled team members offer this service in a well-structured manner. We stand strongly with the family members from the start of the service to the end of the procedure. Here is the process of Post Cremation Burial that our team adopts.
  • First, we help the family members by offering a dignified cremation to the deceased person. These cremation processes include traditional and eco-friendly cremation methods like wood pyre cremation, electric cremation and CNG cremation etc.
  • We also help the family members in collecting the death certificate and completing other documentation processes.
  • After the completion of the cremation process, our team members provide urns for collecting the ashes and remains of a deceased person.
  • The team members also help in collecting these remains according to the instruction of family members.
  • The urns that we provide to the families of the deceased person are beautifully decorated and biodegradable.
After collecting the remains in the urns our team helps the family members in placing the biodegradable urns at resting places. The families of deceased persons can choose these locations for placing the urns for eternal rest.

Where can a departed soul find peace and eternal rest?

There are several options regarding the resting places that we offer to our service users. The below-given choices will be best for the post-cremation burial ritual. These places are known as final resting places. Graves - This place is a convenient option according to the cost and one can reach the place easily for the burial process of urns containing ashes or human remains. But not all cemeteries offer the facility of urn burial. Our organization provides a list of places where you can inground the urn and offer eternal rest to the departed soul. Some families use shared places for the burial of urns. Families can visit this place and evoke the beautiful memories of their loved ones. Cremation benches and statues- You can use a cemented bench and place the remains inside it. It could be a movable memorial. You can also use a statue for making a memorial. Carving the departed person's name on the bench or statue gives it a personalized touch. The loved ones visit the place where this statue or bench is placed and commemorate the life journey of the departed person. Private places used for burial-like plots- Many people want to keep these things very private hence they look for private mausoleums or burial plots where they can provide a resting place to the departed soul. Our team prepares the place in a customized manner according to the desire of family members. We enhance the beauty of these personal spaces with creativity skills also. As an example - The team can create a memorial wall by using photographs of departed persons with close family members. The family can visit this private place any time and they can organize any memorial event also. Scatter the remains over a plain surface- This option is perfect for people who are true nature lovers. Last Journey offers a list of places where a family can scatter the ashes of a beloved family member. These places are embellished with natural things like flower plants, ponds, waterfalls and other scenic beauties. The trees and plants that are grown here obtain the essential substances from the remains scattered over here. Due to this reason, the place is also known as 'Living Burial'. You can visit the place and feel the presence of your loved one while spending time in the peaceful environment of the burial garden. Columbarium - These structures are used to store the urns of a deceased person. Usually one can see these structures in public places. Columbarium walls are also the right place to store the cremation remains of a departed person. The family of a deceased person can go there and remember the life journey of a beloved family member or friend.

How can you book our team for taking help in the post-cremation burial?

Last journey takes complete responsibility for performing all the tasks related to post-cremation burial. Our team members respect the faith of the deceased person's family and take all the steps after getting their permission. Here is the simple way of booking our team by following the below-mentioned steps.
  1. Call our team head by dialing the given contact number.
  2. Make the team aware of the unpleasant incident.
  3. Tell the time of cremation according to your convenience. Our team gives you a list of crematoriums out of which you can choose one.
  4. The team books a slot and offers you services with immediate effect.

Why one should choose Last Journey team for taking help in the post-cremation burial ritual?

Last Journey organization is widely known for its promising services. The professional members of our team help families who want to offer a dignified post-cremation burial to their beloved ones with great effort. We as a team share the tasks equally among us and fulfill them with great care and responsibility. The main features of our serving methods are timely delivery of services, transparency between the consumers and our team, avoiding all delays and clearing the doubts of consumers etc. You can entirely rely on our organization and mourn the loss of your beloved one peacefully. We share the grief of mourners and help them in healing.  
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