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Death Ritual Services of Last Journey in Rajkot

People in the society belong to several religions, communities, and sects that follow a unique faith. After the demise of a person, several rituals are organized for the peace and salvation of the departed soul. These rituals require perfect management related to the location and materials.

Last Journey plays a pivotal role in arranging the locations for performing final rites with dignity. You can hire our skilled and certified team in Rajkot just by contacting us.

We help bereaved families in -

  • Funeral services
  • Cremation services
  • Burial
  • Dead body freezer box services
  • Dead body transportation services
  • Asthi Visarjan ritual at religious locations
  • Modern Funeral and cremation services
  • Prayer meetings, memorial, Brahman bhoj, Teheravin and Pagadi Rasam etc.

These are the main rituals a family offer to the departed soul for helping him/her to attain peace. We provide our services to fulfill your personalized requirements also. 

How we help the family of the deceased by performing specific death rituals?

Last Journey organization has divided its top-notch quality services into several categories where our team strives to cater to all your demands.

1. Funeral services -

Last Journey offers several services that include each small and big requirement of the family of the deceased. During this, we follow the command of head family members and do not impose any service which is against their religious belief.

  • Booking of the funeral hall
  • Decoration of place and Antim Yatra vehicle
  • Arrangement of an ambulance van for the funeral procession
  • Preparing and placing the deceased body at the altar
  • Provision of devotional singers and purohit or priest for chanting mantras that bring peace

2. Cremation and Burial services -

These rituals are the leading path to salvation and peace. We understand the significance of dignity, time and place in cremation and burial. Therefore we offer the best to your beloved ones.

  • Booking of cremation and burial locations for disposing of the body
  • Antim Sanskar Samagri at the location
  • Wooden logs for traditional cremation
  • White clothes for lead mourners
  • Beautiful urns for collecting the ashes or remains

After delivering the best and most promising cremation services, we offer professional help regarding the Asthi Visarjan ritual at Haridwar, Prayagraj, Gaya, Varanasi and Ujjain etc.

3. Freezer box services -

Our team is quite familiar with the remote and near locations in Rajkot. You will access the dead body freezer box service at your doorstep at any time during the day or night. Our boxes include features like -

  • 0-8°C cooling temperature inside the box
  • Easy to shift and move
  • Glass sheet on the top
  • All sizes for infants, adults, and old age persons.
  • Digital temperature screen
  • Automatic temperature fixing property

4. International and interstate transportation -

Our team is well-versed in repatriating deceased bodies or human remains from one state or city to another in India. We also offer legal, reliable and quick transportation from foreign countries to India (Rajkot).

You can contact the team in Rajkot for more details regarding any death ritual-related services. We are available 24×7.

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