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Last Journey Services in Ranchi for all death rituals

Accepting the demise of a family member or close friend is one of the toughest moments of any person's life. Grieving over the loss and arranging things for a dignified goodbye parallelly becomes quite complicated for them. Empathy and mental peace can be attained by the company of all family members but death arrangements can be managed by only a professional team like Last Journey.

Our team provides a range of services regarding all the rituals that take place after the sad demise of a person. We provide our services to every family or people who belong to different religions, communities and sects of India.

Take a look at our qualitative services

Last Journey is now expanded to several cities in India for lessening the pain of bereaved families up to a little extent through generous and professional help. Our services include every need of families that are going through the immense pain of unbearable loss.

  • Wide coverage of every primary demand right after the demise through Funeral Services
  • Safety measures through dead body freezer box services
  • A final goodbye to the departed soul through cremation and burial services
  • Services related to the dignified Asthi Visarjan for the salvation of the departed soul
  • Dead body transportation services on a national as well as international basis
  • Collecting legal death documents from the authorized departments
  • Assistance in virtual prayer meetings, customized funerals, modern cremation services and donations on behalf of deceased person

This professional assistance blended with the emotion of empathy, consoling and respect serves as an ointment on the fresh wounds of family members' hearts. We build a personal connection with the grieving family members so that they can express their wishes or demands freely regarding the respected farewell of their beloved ones.

Why Last Journey is preferable over other funeral direction teams in India?

We ensure the mourning families that they will receive the best possible services from our team which will further lead to the peace and satisfaction of the departed soul. The below-given points make us unique in this field of funeral direction services.

  • We collect the entire information about the kind of rituals and family's needs before the execution of our service plan.
  • The team consists of all certified and skilled members who are adept at specific tasks of death rituals
  • Our team prioritizes transparency between the client's families and the ground-working team 
  • End to end service feature of our professional assistance sets the bereaved families free from hefty responsibilities 

The team of Last Journey organization is very well familiar with all the remote locations of Ranchi city. Hence you can shrug off the concern of the unavailability of Last Journey services in any corner of Ranchi.

The professional workers of our team first seek the permission or guidance of the same community priest before executing any specific or religion-based ritual.

We believe that only satisfying services can lessen the pain of mourners, therefore we strive to serve such competent death-related services.

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