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Last Journey All Services in Vishakhapatnam for dignified death rituals

The prime aim of Last Journey organization is honoring the souls that are departed now and soothing their close ones with satisfying service deliveries. After gaining experience by assisting the mourners in several cities in India, we are ready to become a partner in your grief in Vishakhapatnam as well.

Our services in your beloved one's death rituals will help you in adding more love, respect and dignity. You can access our team's services easily in Vishakhapatnam by contacting us.

Last Journey Funeral direction organization covers a plethora of death-related services like - Cremation, Funeral, Burial, Asthi Visarjan, Prayer Meetings, Brahman Bhoj, Donation, Virtual Gatherings and Teheravin etc. These rituals require a lot of perfect arrangements and we hold professionalism in that.

What are the key services of Last Journey organization available in Vishakhapatnam?

Last Jurney team is certified for providing many services which are associated with the demise of people of all religions and communities.

  • Funeral and Funeral procession (Antim Yatra)
  • Traditional and Modern cremation facilities
  • Dead body freezer box services at the doorstep
  • Dead body repatriation or interstate transportation
  • Asthi Visarjan, Teharavin, Brahman Bhoj, Pagadi Rasam, Chautha, Prayer meetings, Memorial Service and Donation drives etc.
  • 24×7 arrangement of the ambulance and other vehicles

Our team covers these prime areas or death rituals in a very well-coordinated manner. The team will receive the mourners very cordially and fulfill their exceptional demands as well if possible.

Our Work Experience in Vishakhapatnam -

Last Journey team has served so many families in Vishakhapatnam who lost their beloved ones. We have established a seamless connection between the bereaved families and the cremation ground and funeral home authorities. Providing enough space, booking the place and arranging fundamental facilities are our key service areas.

A quick view of our services for above mentioned death rituals -

  • The team will recommend the nearest and best place for conducting a funeral and cremation ritual. Our team members will also book a slot for your beloved one.
  • Availability of ambulance van 24×7.
  • Decoration of the funeral, cremation place and vehicle. We also arrange a floral tribute ceremony for the dead person.
  • You can access our packed Antim Sanskaar Samagri at the cremation place.
  • New white cloth (Kurta Payjama, Sari, Salwar Kameej etc) for close family members.
  • Wooden logs of Aam, Neem, Chandan and others for the traditional cremation.
  • Electric cremation slot arrangement for the deceased body.
  • Embalming services by certified doctors.
  • Assistance in legal documents arrangement from the authorities.
  • Beautiful metal and earthen urns for collecting the ashes and keeping them as a beautiful memory.

Apart from these fundamental services of Last Journey team, a bereaved family can access several additional advantages also. Tech team support with top-notch quality equipment for recording the whole event and hosting a virtual meeting are some exceptional services of our team in Vishakhapatnam. We provide a group of renowned devotional singers also for the family's peace of mind.

For hiring us and collecting more details, contact Last Journey team any time.

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