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Freezer Box Services

Keeping Your Loved One Safe and Secure Until Their Final Journey

Freezer Box Services

Keeping Your Loved One Safe and Secure Until Their Final Journey

Dead Body Freezer Box in Patna

Last Journey's freezer box services provide a compassionate and respectful solution to ensure your loved one is kept safe and secure until their final journey home.


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Effortlessly plan a dignified farewell with our 3-step process - Quick, Reliable, and Hassle-Free.





The services provided were exceptional. They took care of everything and made sure our loved one was laid to rest with dignity.

Monika Sharma

Funeral Services

The prayer meeting organized by the Last Journey captured the personality and essence of my beloved

Sandeep Anand

Funeral Services

I am so thankful for the caring and professional staff they made the process much less overwhelming.

Anirudh Das

Funeral Services

  • 24*7 Dead body freezer box on hire in Patna
  • Mortuary Van/Ambulance with Freezer Box
  • Good Quality Freezing System (0-8 degrees Celsius)
  • Designed to preserve the body of the deceased
  • Timely delivery and pickups by our team


What is a Dead Body Freezer Box?

A morgue or mortuary (at a hospital or elsewhere) is a place where human bodies are kept until they are identified or removed for autopsy, respectful burial, cremation, or another manner of disposition. In modern times, it is customary to keep bodies refrigerated to prevent decomposition.

Types of Dead Body Freezer Box

  1. VIP Freezer Box
  2. Normal Freezer Box
  3. Décor Freezer Box

In Patna, The Last Journey rents out a dead body freezer box. They're made with the intention of preserving the body of the departed. The body may begin to deteriorate and have a foul odour soon after death. Our freezer box services will protect the body of the deceased from decomposition and preserve its freshness. We want you to be able to fulfil all of your wishes while we take care of the details. You may need to keep a deceased person's body for a variety of reasons, including dignified cremation or burial, as well as autopsies. A cabinet in the Last Journey freezer box is used to store your loved one. It has a system in place to keep the body safe. Because of the low temperatures, the decomposition process is slowed in the dead body freezer. The temperature of the dead corpse freezer box is usually between 0 and 8 degrees Celsius.

Our Freezer Box Services in Patna is composed of stainless steel and has two layers of safety protection. The weight of the freezer box is considerable. One of the most significant advantages of a freezer box is that it delays body decomposition for a day or two. Decomposition is slowed by the temperature, which varies from 0 to 8 degrees.

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