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Last Journey Services in Shimla

When a family loses an inseparable member of it, extreme pain surrounds all the members who are left behind. Mourning the loss and making arrangements for the final rituals of the departed soul feels complex and shattering. But the companionship of Last Journey eases for family members to tackle the most painful time of their life.

Our pan India services regarding funeral direction and professional assistance offer relief to the grievers. In Shimla, one can hire us through the simple booking process and conduct a dignified farewell for the beloved one.

Here is the list of our prime services available in Shimla.

  1. All the services related to funeral events and funeral procession
  2. A dignified cremation according to the religious guiding and beliefs
  3. Ground burial, Water Burial and other modern & eco-friendly methods of disposing of the body
  4. Qualitative Freezer boxes for the safety of human remains or dead bodies
  5. Transporting the dead bodies from foreign countries as well as national dead body transportation
  6. Booking of halls, auditoriums, funeral homes, cremation grounds and other donation drives on behalf of the family
  7. Arranging vehicles for the transportation of dead bodies through roads
  8. Assistance in attaining legal papers or documents from authorities
  9. Booking of slots or places for the Asthi Visarjan of remains at spiritual locations in India
  10. Brahman Bhoj, Teharavin, Chautha, Pagadi Rasm, Prayer meetings, Virtual gatherings, donation drives etc.

These services cover all the requirements of the family of the deceased person who wants to provide peace, reverence and love through last rites. However, we accept the personalized demands and wishes of the family members who want to make the farewell of the departed person a memorable event.

Last Journey - A renowned funeral direction team in Shimla

Our team is recognized for the significant services through which we lessen the pain and agony of the deceased's family. In Shimla, we serve our funeral, cremation, dead body transportation, freezer box and payer meeting services at nearly all the destined locations.

The team is well-versed in the legal proceedings as well as in understanding the faiths and religious beliefs related to the death of people who are residing in Shimla.

We understand the pain of losing a close one hence we provide the simplest way of hiring our team. You can contact us, share your needs or requirements and get the desired services.

Know us in a detailed way -

For honorable and reliable funeral and cremation services we work according to the guidance of the head family member and the priest who belongs to the same community. Valuable assistance by the team in arranging wooden logs for cremation, antim sanskaar samagri, white clothes, pandit or priest, floral tribute, antim yatra vehicle and asthi visarjan at specific Ghats or locations satisfies the families of deceased to a great extent.

While in dead body transportation and getting the legal death documents of the deceased person, we adopt a complete professional pattern for quickly concluding the services. Our team provides value for the money to the clients.

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