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Last Journey Services in Vadodara for death rituals

Rituals are an integral part of the human life. From birth to death, rituals lead the path to a dignified life. Unlike the other rituals, death rites bring pain and a state of instability in the life of the deceased's family members. That's why they need professional help in conducting a respectful final rite for their beloved ones.

 Last Journey has taken the onus of supporting such bereaved families with its best and most promising services. In Vadodara, you can hire our team for the services like Funerals, Cremation, Burial, Dead body freezer box, Dead body repatriation, Asthi Visarjan Prayer meetings, etc.

Features like end-to-end service delivery, transparency, punctuality, flexibility, etc make Last Journey team widely popular among people in Vadodara.

How does our team help the deceased families in conducting dignified rituals?

Last Journey organization heals people by offering them satisfaction and value in return for their money. Dividing the services into parts and covering each small requirement is the prime aim of our team.

Here are the fundamental service packages of our team.

1. Funeral Services -

Funerals are the final farewell that a family offers to the departed soul. We help them in making it more memorable and convenient by providing the below-given advantages.

  • Booking a funeral home or funeral hall for conducting the final farewell
  • Decorating the place and vehicle of the Funeral Procession
  • Arrangement of a hearse van or ambulance van
  • A floral tribute to the departed person
  • A framed and embellished photograph of the deceased person near the remains
  • Taking care of all the basic amenities at the funeral place like - comfortable sitting for attendees, clean washrooms, proper lighting, and ventilation etc.

For a modern funeral, our team offers services related to theme-based decoration, conducting donation drives, capturing the whole event, and converting it into an inspirational film, etc.

2. Cremation and Burial services -

The religious process of disposing of the body is cremation and burial. It is quite painful to offer a dignified cremation and burial to your beloved one. As an experienced team, we offer all possible assistance to the bereaved families.

  • Arrangement of wooden logs, bier, and shroud and pyre for the deceased body.
  • Preparing the deceased body for cremation such as cleaning, washing, and dressing it up with the new clothes.
  • A priest or purohit for leading the mourners
  • Beautiful urns for collecting the ashes after cremation

3. Dead body freezer box services for safety -

End-to-end dead body freezer box services in Vadodara by Last Journey team can save you from concerns for the safety of human remains. You can book any cooling cabinet according to the size of the deceased body and the team will deliver that to your doorstep.

4. Repatriation of the deceased bodies -

Our team brings your beloved ones back to Vadodara through a professional and legal method. From USA, UK, Canada, Dubai, Australia, South Africa and several other countries we perform safe dead body transportation. 

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