Dead Body Transportation by Air

  1. Domestic and International dead body transportation by air
  2. 24*7 Hours availability of funeral services
  3. Safe and Secure bookings of air cargo
  4. Assistance in documents required and clearances
  5. Mortuary Services in Chandigarh
  6. Reliable embalming service for your loved one
  7. NOC’s from the respective country consulates

dead body transport by air


How to transport a dead person by air from Chandigarh?

For such circumstances, the Last Journey offers you both domestic and international transportation of human remains. We assure you that the dead body will reach the necessary location timely so that you can conduct the funeral services with respect and dignity. We liaise with the arrival country/state for a stress-free transit.

Procedure for dead body transport by air in Chandigarh:

  1. Arrangement of the death certificate or the clearance certificate from the concerned hospital. Nowadays you even need a report of the covid result. In some cases, you may even be required to arrange for post mortem certificates.
  2. Checking and bookings of the air cargo facility. Not every airline providers do transportation of human remains. The last Journey will arrange for the best, most secure, and cheapest air cargo facility to transport your loved one to the required country or state. The tickets have to be booked as soon as possible for a timely funeral service Chandigarh.
  3. Arrange for mortuary services. Until the time of the flight or until the embalming procedure you will have to keep the body of the deceased in a mortuary facility. We will keep your loved one in the safest and hygienic centre.
  4. To transport the deceased in a cargo flight one may need to visit a police station that comes under the jurisdiction of the respective area and ask them for a NOC for the same.
  5. In the case of international repatriation services, we will get the NOC from the respective country’s consulate.
  6. When it comes to transportation of the dead body by flight getting embalming of the deceased done is compulsory. Once the process is over the authorities will issue an embalming certificate in the name of the deceased. The Last Journey funeral services have experience and knowledge and will arrange for the same.
  7. For a successful transit packing your loved one in a coffin box is a must. Once the final checking is done you will be issued a coffin box certificate for the same.
  8. For the timely arrival of the dead body to the airport, you need transportation services of an ambulance or mortuary van. The last Journey has the best in house vehicles so that the last ride of your loved one is memorable and comfortable.

We understand the challenges that come with demise and we want you to know that you have our support 24*7. We aim to serve you in the best way by helping you navigate through the smallest of details of dead body transportation by air in Chandigarh. We cant take away your pain but assure you that you will face no issues in arranging for the last rites of your loved one


Yes, it is safe to transport dead bodies by air. Dead bodies are transported via cargo planes from Chandigarh, and we ensure to receive the deceased at the cargo terminal. All precautions are taken, and regulations are followed to transport the body without any obstruction.

The charges of transporting a body by air may vary depending on where the body is being transported from and to what destination. The mortuary cargo fee is calculated based on the weight of the deceased person and the distance to be covered.

Mostly embalmment is required if the body is being transported by air/rail/road and must cover long distances. It is advised to discuss this with the funeral manager, who is responsible for transportation.