Cremation Ground Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar

The body is described as a vehicle and the spirit as its driver in the sacred writing of Bhagavad Gits. It’s a well-known fact that no car can function without a driver. The soul is insoluble, indestructible, and cannot be burned or dried according to the Torah. When a soul leaves the body and reunites with God, it is said to be liberated from it. 


Whatever the case may be, the sorrow you feel at the time you are grieving the loss of someone special is unimaginable. Furthermore, the body should not be kept alive for an extended period of time before being buried or burned.


Crematoriums are places where persons who have died are cremated. Cremation Ground is one of Chandigarh’s best crematoriums due to its popularity. We understand how difficult it is to coordinate every service and facility in order to properly conduct a funeral. The Last Journey staff steps forward to make things easier for you, relieving you of unnecessary worry. We can handle everything from transportation to post-cremation services.


How to conduct cremation at the Cremation Ground?

Step 1) Call 07827777889 to book a slot at the shmashana

Step 2) Book for transportation of the deceased, antim sanskar samagri, wooden logs, and pandit services

Step 3) Upon reaching the ground, you will be guided by the Last Journey team regarding the series of rituals

Step 4) You will be provided with the Asthi’s for ash immersion in an urn

Step 5) For conducting Post Cremation rituals – Funeral prayer meet, Shradha Ceremony, Asthi Visarjan, Poojas and Hawans, book with the Last Journey 




Cremation ground, Phase 7, Industrial Area, Sector 73, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 16005


Contact :



Monday – Sunday: 24 Hours

Services at the Cremation Ground by the Last Journey:


  • 24*7 assistance in end-to-end cremation
  • Wood Pyre and Electric Cremation available
  • Dead body transportation in Chandigarh by hearse, ambulance, mortuary van
  • Preparing of bier for Antim Kriya
  • Freezer Box on Hire in Chandigarh 
  • Arrangement of Antim Sanskar Samagri
  • Experienced Pandit and Purohit Services 
  • Bookings of Prayer Hall in Chandigarh
  • Organizing Post cremation rituals such as Shradh
  • Assistance in ash immersion known as Asthi Visarjan
  • Last Journey supervisors and staff for assistance
  • Broadcasting of Prayer Meet Via Zoom


Additional Support :

  • Assistance in obtaining Death Certificate
  • A Funeral Manager for Supervision
  • Two Staff Members for Constant Help and Support

Prerequisite :

Photo ID of the deceased.

Facilities :

  • Free drinking water
  • Parking place with ample space
  • Properly sanitized waiting rooms
  • Priests availability