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Last Journey All Services in Gandhinagar

Last Journey funeral direction organization is a one-stop center for people who belong to diverse communities, sects and religions in India. We provide the most reliable and personalized services regarding all the final rites of a deceased person such as Funeral, Cremation, Burial, Prayer Meeting, Brahman Bhoj, Dead Body Transportation, Antim Yatra and several donation drives for the peace and honour of the departed soul.

In Gandhinagar, one can easily access our all services through which we serve professionalism along with our connection with the bereaved family.

What are the prime services and vision of Last Journey for society?

With the help of our skillful teams, Last Journey is assisting families in offering a dignified farewell to their beloved ones. Our organization mainly focuses on the below-given services.

  • Funeral and Funeral Procession
  • Cremation services
  • Burial of the deceased body
  • Providing freezer box services
  • Ambulance and hearse van for dead body transportation and Antim Yatra
  • Transporting the dead body from foreign countries to India and inter-state dead body transportation.
  • Arrangement of halls, auditoriums, ground and other funeral and cremation venues for performing the last rites.
  • Embalming services through certified doctors
  • Arrangement for Asthi Visarjan, Teheravin / Chautha / Brahmin Bhoj and Pagadi Rasam etc at the specific religious places of India.
  • Floral tributes for the deceased person

Our team puts its best efforts into covering all requirements of the family of the deceased person but still, we leave room for personalized services. For example - Organizing a theme-based funeral for celebrating the life of the departed soul, video recording of the cremation and funeral, hosting virtual prayer meetings, providing ideas and services regarding unique body decomposition methods that are different from conventional cremation, burial and water burial etc.

How does our team assist grieving family members through the above-mentioned services?

Our team is well-versed in managing the ritualistic events of the departed soul. Here is a step-wise method of helping our clients.

For Funeral Services -

The funeral direction team of Last Journey provides end-to-end funeral services that include the following helps.

  • Booking of the funeral halls where your relatives, friends and other known people can gather in large numbers.
  • Decoration of the funeral hall or home of the deceased with customized flowers for a heartfelt tribute.
  • Decorated vehicle for the funeral procession or Antim Yatra with all necessary equipment like freezer box, proper sitting area etc.

For Cremation / Burial process -

Our promising cremation and burial services are widely expanded in all the locations of Gandhinagar. We are quite familiar with nearly all the cremation grounds, cemeteries and electronic cremation places & gas furnaces.

  • Provision of Antim Sanskaar Samagri at cremation place.
  • Decoration of cremation place
  • Arrangement of white clothes for family members
  • An experienced priest of the same community for guiding the lead mourner
  • Metal or earthen urns for collecting the ashes after cremation

For Dead body transportation services -

Our team is experienced in all the legal documentation, getting clearances or permission from authorities and following the preventive measures for the deceased body in a foreign nation.

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