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I am so thankful for the caring and professional staff they made the process much less overwhelming.

Anirudh Das

Funeral Services

Despite the COVID situation in Delhi, your team organized for a dignified and graceful farewell of my mother.

Ruchi Sharma

Funeral Services

The services provided were exceptional. They took care of everything and made sure our loved one was laid to rest with dignity.

Monika Sharma

Funeral Services

  • Available at any time, 24*7 Funeral Service Jaipur
  • Deady Body transportation by Road
  • Mortuary ambulance, hearse, and railways
  • Safe and Secure services with stretchers
  • Repatriation Services in Jaipur
  • Domestic and International dead body transportation by air
  • Timely bookings of air cargo facilities
  • Immediate mortuary services 
  • Last Journey staff for supervision and assistance

The loss of a loved one is beyond doubt one of the most painful experiences of life. While one is trying to cope up with this situation, there are numerous other tasks to do that make the ache only worse. The Last Journey understands your pain and provides you with the dead body transport service including ambulance, hearse, and mortuary van services in Delhi so that you can get some peace. One of the most burdensome tasks is the transportation of the deceased lost one for short and long distances. Conducting a fitting farewell is one of the most essential things, and you may need to transport the body from your home to the cremation or burial ground. You may also want the rituals for the lost one to take place in states that are far away but hold sentiment values for the lost one. We respect your feelings and want to provide you with everything you need to fulfil your and the deceased's wishes. The Last Journey is an extensive mortuary van provider. Our hearse and mortuary van services cover all the areas in Jaipur.   

How to transport a dead body in/from Jaipur?

  • Mortuary Ambulance

Our mortuary ambulance service is one of the most feasible options. We ensure the transportation of the lost loved one in safe conditions. The vehicle is equipped with a freezing system to slow down the process of decomposition for a good number of hours. To keep safe for a long transit, the temperature of the freezer box is between (-5 to -15) degrees.

  • Hearse

Last Journey hearse van services in Jaipur includes transportation of the deceased from your residence to the cremation/burial ground.  We will give you a comfortable and quality ride for the lost one. Our service includes a full air-conditioned hearse van with a professional driver and attendant. In case you have any other preferences regarding our funeral vans, we make sure to fulfil that too.

  • Railways

If you need to transport your beloved for long distances and to remote areas around the country, for that we offer transportation of the dead body by train. This choice of transport is more economical and allows for a safe ride for your beloved. There is a fixed procedure that needs to be followed, and all of this involves strategies for transportation, documents required, and expenses to consider. For a stress-free ride, reach out to us and we will arrange everything.

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