Funeral Services

  • End-to-end Funeral Services (24*7)
  • Cremation/Burial Servies
  • Transportation Services (Ambulance, Hearse, Mortuary Van)
  • Freezer Box Services
  • Preparing the beloved for the final rites
  • Premium Antim Sanskar Samagri
  • Pandit/Purohit/Priest Services
  • Prayer Hall Bookings (Gurdwaras, Community halls, Churches, Mosques )
  • Theme based floral tributes
  • Catering Services
  • Asthi Visarjan Services
  • Post Cremation Ceremonies (Chautha, Uthala, Tehravin, Shraddha)

It is so difficult to say goodbye to a lost loved one. The arrangement and preparations of the last rites after the death is one of the last things you wish to think about while dealing with grief. The sorrow one feels from losing a beloved is difficult to bear. However, this is a decision you need to make right away. As difficult as this may be to address, it is something that must be done with uttermost dignity and respect. 

A funeral service shouldn’t be hard on the family, yet its purpose is to allow them to heal and accept. Family and friends can express their deepest thoughts and prayers for the lost soul to achieve enlightenment. Our team assures you of full compassion and commitment from our sides.

To conduct the last rites respectfully and to bid a farewell, we offer transportation services of a hearse, ambulance, mortuary van, and railways. If you want to transport the deceased to another state or country, we have the services of dead body transportation by air. All the items required to conduct the final rites will be provided by our team, which includes antim sanskar samagri, urns, kapda, shroud, biers, casket, coffins, and much more.


Other Funeral Services

The caring and knowledgeable professionals at the Last Journey support grieving families through this intense time. Our comprehensive services are personalized to suit the preferences and to pay a fitting tribute to the lost soul. You can count on us!

  1. Eco-friendly cremation services such as usage of cow dungs logs for the traditional open pyre cremation and electric/CNG cremation service.
  2. Pet Cremation Services to bid a memorable farewell 
  3. Celebration of life events to honour your loved ones
  4. Therapy services such as grief counselling and dog therapy
  5. Theme based funeral decor to capture the essence of the lost one

Exceptional customer service and professional sincerity constitute a large part of our reputation. Our staff will treat you with supreme professionalism. We ensure you of full responsibility for all the events. 

Give us a call to get a better understanding of our values and services. Just remember – for us, you’re our top priority.