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We spend our whole lives celebrating birthdays, achievements, weddings, and other milestones. While these days mark the happiness of our earthly life, it is essential to honor the passing way too. One of the most meaningful and elegant ways of doing so is through funeral decors. The Last Journey Offers you the following funeral decors for your loved ones.


  1. The Last Journey Ambulance Decor.

We believe that the last transportation of your loved one is symbolic of the journey that they had on earth. Therefore we make extra efforts to make the ride a rememberable one. You can either choose from our range of ambulance decors or opt for customized decoration. We make the small things count!



  1. Paradise Decor (Ambulance with white flowers)
  2. Ambrosial Decor (Ambulance with marigold decor)
  3. Divine Decor.
  4. Glory Decor.

      2. The Last Journey Decor For your Loved One.

A last visit to the loved one is the most painful experience for the family and friends. It is a goodbye not just to the person but also to the bond that you had with the lost one.




What is a prayer service?

In a funeral prayer service, the family and friends of the bereaved gather in a prayer hall giving them a chance to pay condolences to the grieving family.

What is the average price for funeral flowers?

The average price for funeral flowers is Rs 500.

What color flowers do you give for death?

Sympathy flowers are usually white, pink, yellow, pale blue, or lilac.

What flowers do they use at funerals?

Flowers used at funerals are marigold and rose petals.

How do you make a funeral special?

Funerals are all about remembering and honouring your lost loved one. To make the event more personalized add framed photographs, floral decor, funeral singers, video tributes, eulogies, and mementos. You can even incorporate activities and causes close to the heart of the lost one.

Which are the default flowers for funerals?

Default funeral flowers used are marigold, lilies, carnations, roses, orchids, and tulips.


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