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  1. 24 Hour freezer box service
  2. Freezer Box on hire in Ahmedabad
  3. Timely doorstep delivery of freezer box
  4. Preserves the dead body for last rites
  5. Temperature regulation facilities for adjustment
  6. Ambulance with freezer box for transit
  7. Mortuary Van in Ahmedabad
  8. Up to date infrastructure freezing systems
  9. Reliable and helpful staff for on-site assistance

How to arrange for freezer box services in Ahmedabad?

The episode of losing a loved one can feel very upsetting. It is a loss of not just a person but also many relationships. At such times, when one is in the process of accepting, conducting the funeral of the deceased with dignity can give the mourning family some amount of peace. While it is crucial to conduct the last rites, it can also be overwhelming and confusing to perform the entire service, including pre and post-cremation rituals.

The funeral is a crucial affair for all the family members. Even when the body may be officially handed over by the hospital, you may need to preserve your loved one until all the relatives can gather at one place for the last rites. For such situations, we have the facility of a portable freezer box on hire.

Last Journey’s dead body freezer box is an equipment of stainless steel which is designed to slow down the process of decomposition of the body. Your loved one can be preserved for longer periods with less decay. The inside cabinet of the box has lower temperatures ranging between 2 to 15-degree Celsius. The low temperatures and the double layer prevent the emission of any foul smell.


Ambulance With Freezer Box in Ahmedabad

For conducting the final rites of the lost loved one, situations may arise where you need to transport the deceased to another city or city. It can be because the deceased’s significant other was rested at that place or because it was their home/birthplace. Valuing last wishes and the sentiments of the family, we offer an ambulance vehicle with a freezer box also known as Mortuary Van.

The Last Journey offers end-to-end assistance in Ahmedabad for the transportation of the deceased. The freezer box is fitted in the vehicle to prevent any kind of decay. It is a well-equipped vehicle with all the latest infrastructure. You can accompany your loved one for the transit.

Our teams follow a humanitarian approach when it comes to our services. All our services are carried out by professional experts to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

Mortuary Van in Ahmedabad

  1. Dead body mortuary van on hire
  2. 24*7 availability for short and long distances
  3. Hygienic, safe, and secure freezing system
  4. Professional driver and staff by Lat Journey