How to choose between Cremation And Burial?

September 23, 2020 0 Comments
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For years, the decision of choosing between cremation or burial has been dependent on the religion a person follows. But with the new generation thinking more practically about factors such as environment, money, and preferences, people are making different choices. Whether it is a decision for your loved one or yourself, here are a few things to consider before you make it. 

  • Process Preference.

In the process of cremation, the body is disposed of through the process of burning. The human remains left are known as ashes and can be either kept in urns or can be scattered in various ways. On the other hand, in burial, a pit is dug, and the body is placed on the ground. The body stays intact and decomposes naturally. 

  • Religious View. 

If you or your loved one want to follow religious beliefs, these are the general preferences.  In Hinduism and Sikhism, cremation is preferred, and in Christianity, Islamism, and Judaism, preference is given to burial. Specific groups within these religions can have different inclinations. Buddhism is alright with either of the two. 

  • Economical View.

There is a huge cost difference between cremation and burial. Burial is generally more expensive due to reserving land and also the need for a casket or coffin. Cremation, on the other hand, is more economical. The cost of it may also vary depending on what you decide to do with the ashes. 

  • Environmental Impact.

In terms of environmental considerations, both cremation and burial have their pros and cons. Some facts state that the wood used to cremate takes up a lot of trees, and the scattering of the ashes causes pollution in the sacred rivers. On the other hand, burial not only requires land, but it also may use certain non-biodegradable caskets and coffins, which may harm the environment. 

More and more people are now shifting to eco-burials or green funerals, which makes use of eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. 


The choice between cremation and burial is difficult. You may even take the help of funeral service providers as they inform you regarding all your options.

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