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Coffin Box Services
Coffin Box Services

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I am so thankful for the caring and professional staff they made the process much less overwhelming.

Anirudh Das

Funeral Services

Despite the COVID situation in Delhi, your team organized for a dignified and graceful farewell of my mother.

Ruchi Sharma

Funeral Services

The services provided were exceptional. They took care of everything and made sure our loved one was laid to rest with dignity.

Monika Sharma

Funeral Services

You can easily find dead body boxes available in various sizes, colours, and prices. The funeral box is being used for burial as well as transporting the corpse from one location to another location. Choosing the right coffin or casket for your loved one could be a hectic task, however, Last Journey can help you make a good purchase.     The Last Journey is one of the best funeral undertakers companies to provide end-to-end funeral services in India. It helps millions of bereaved families around the world. We have the best and most customized coffin that can fulfil your loved one’s wishes. Our team ensures to deliver on time at your doorstep. Along with offering a dead body box certificate, we also help in transporting the dead body internationally.

Difference between a Coffin Box and a Casket

Both can carry the deceased person, but they have a different purposes. The only difference between both is the shape and look. Mainly, a casket is used for burial and consists of hinges and a lid.  On the other hand, the coffin is used to transport the body to a different location by air or road. But again, it can also use for funeral services. In the United States, many families use caskets for funerals and burial, but for cremation, they use funeral boxes. It is totally up to the family to choose which one is preferred.

Types of Funeral Boxes

Traditional Funeral Box: The British box style has a modest, yet traditional appearance. A flat top, a sarcophagus that is narrower at the head and toes than at the shoulders, and simple fittings distinguish these. Raised lids and wreaths on the sides of the boxes can be added to make them more appealing. AC Funeral Box/Freezer Box:  The freezer box is made of stainless steel and is covered with a flexible, non-breakable acrylic sheet. The unit is also equipped with an Emerson Copeland compressor.  Eco-Friendly Box: There has been a trend in recent times to switch to more ecological and natural materials. We offer funeral burial boxes that have a softer look and feel with no hard edges or corners and no metal fixings.  American Burial Box: These elegant and well-crafted dead body boxes are composed of solid wood or steel sheet. They are fully finished with high-quality plush linings and feature all of the casket’s exterior fixtures and fittings. The majority of these are only appropriate for burial. These caskets are all appropriate for repatriation. European Willow Box:  Our European willow items are handcrafted by professional craftsmen. The willow is a deciduous shrub that grows in cold and temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, mainly on damp soil. Cuttings of almost all European willows, as well as broken branches on the ground, take root quickly. Wooden Coffin Box: We offer customized wooden coffin boxes and caskets. It gets ready with fine wood that protects the body for a long time.

It uses a variety of chemicals and preservatives to ensure that your loved one’s body does not decompose during transit. We retain different permits and other documentation, which allows us to work with a variety of state governments, hospitals, and funeral homes.  We provide a variety of coffin boxes at reasonable prices. Our professional and expert team manufacture and design the best box, which fulfill every need. It is built with fine-quality wood. They’re inexpensive, well-polished, easy to handle, and not overly heavy. Last Journey allows the bereaving family to choose the coffin type they like. Since the size is an important factor in choosing a coffin, we also provide a chance to select the size of the coffin that corresponds to the size of the body. You don’t even have to worry about the size of the coffin for the dead bodies being too big, or small since we provide a variety of sizes at your request.  The transportation that carries the coffin is fast with ample space providing a space not only for your loved one but also for you to accompany them in their last journey. 

At Last Journey, we offer –

  • 24×7 Coffin Box Services
  • Coffin Box with Stretcher
  • Coffin Transportation
  • Customized Coffin Box
  • Wooden, AC, and Electric Coffin Box
  • Coffin Maker Certificate

Best Coffin Box Transportation Services

What makes us the best in this industry is to give a various range of coffin boxes. We have a production facility in-house for all sorts of wooden coffins that can easily be transported by road, train, or air. You can also use it for burial and funerals.  We quickly accept orders for an emergency box around the country. We understand that deaths sometimes happen without warning. Nobody can or will be prepared for this stage of life. We have no choice but to accept it. We have a variety of Coffin Box that can take care of these emergencies and demands. 


I called the Last Journey team at midnight to order a coffin box, and they promptly contacted me and delivered me the next day by the morning. Thank you very much for your prompt response. ---K. K. Chandy, Kerala---

We bought a  box for our friend's funeral. The quality of the coffin box was finest and sturdy. Thanks, Last Journey. ---William Paul, Goa ---

I booked an end-to-end coffin box service from this business. I liked the service and staff behavior. ---Thomas Garrett, Kerala---

This funeral company is amazing. We needed to book a  box along with transportation by air. They helped us to arrange everything, including embalming, coffin maker certificate, and documents. ---Manoj Kumar, Mumbai---

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