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Despite the COVID situation in Delhi, your team organized for a dignified and graceful farewell of my mother.

Ruchi Sharma

Funeral Services

The services provided were exceptional. They took care of everything and made sure our loved one was laid to rest with dignity.

Monika Sharma

Funeral Services

Thank you for fulfilling my mother’s last wish. Your team successfully managed to cremate my mother at her birthplace.

Anukool Sachdeva

Funeral Services

When a family loses a beloved member it becomes difficult for them to take care of each responsibility related to the death rituals, legal paperwork, and safety of the deceased person. The root cause behind it is the immense pain of being separated from a loving one. In this difficult time, it becomes essential to take professional help from Last Journey. Our organization not only offers services regarding death rituals like a funeral, cremation, and prayer meeting but it also takes good care of human remains or deceased bodies. We as a team provide mortuary services to preserve the body for a long. We also have an expert doctor who takes care of the morgue facility.

There are some unique services that we offer to grieve families at such difficult times so that they can feel sympathetic support and heal their aching hearts. Here are the services mentioned below.
  • We help the family members in completing the documentation process related to the mortuary in the hospital.
  • We provide ambulance and mortuary van services at the doorstep of the deceased person for transporting it to the mortuary.
  • The transporting vehicle will be well equipped with all the essentials like cooling machines, freezer boxes, and enough space for a sitting area.
  • The organization employs an ample number of workers for monitoring the entire process of mortuary services.
The last journey team has strong connections with many authorized hospitals that offer mortuary services. We ensure the family of a deceased person that they will confront the least or negligible obstacles while placing the deceased body in the mortuary.

Book Hospital & Cremation Ground Mortuary

This place mainly focuses on the security of the deceased body from various harmful causes like warm weather, physical damage, etc. This favorable atmosphere prevents the body from getting decomposed. Apart from this, there are some facilities also available for different reasons. Here are some of the facilities mentioned below that one can see at the mortuaries.
  • Storing of the body- At this place, there are many rooms having great capacity where deceased bodies are kept separately. Various facilities like freezer boxes, postmortem rooms or autopsy rooms etc are attached to it. For medical examination, pathology labs are also available here.
  • Other stores provide different services- To safeguard the deceased bodies for a long period and prevent them from getting decayed or decomposing, there are stores having chemical substances, equipment and tools.
  • Trolley bay- These are very helpful in shifting the deceased bodies from one place to another safely. The staff workers use them according to the requirement or body size of the deceased person.
  • Basic amenities for family members accompanying the departed person in the mortuary- Sometimes family members have to stay with the deceased body of their beloved one due to unavoidable reasons. In this case, the mortuary houses provide them the fundamental amenities like changing rooms, washrooms, comfortable sitting in waiting areas, and drinking water. These places are at a distance from the place where deceased bodies are placed. A fully furnished and ventilated hall is available for relatives, friends, and family members where they can sit and wait for the completion of paperwork.
  • Services at the autopsy room or postmortem room- This place is furnished with the proper lighting, water facility, and good quality tables for the examination purpose of the deceased body. Some crucial facilities which are available in the autopsy room in the mortuary houses are-
  1. Autopsy tables
  2. Sinks with the running water facilities
  3. Cupboards where equipment can be placed
  4. Easily washable walls and floors
  5. Proper covering facilities

How to Book Mortuary Nearby?

Last Journey offers you a simple way to hire a team for taking professional help in shifting the deceased body in an authorized mortuary house.
  • You can contact the team for booking us regarding the mortuary services by calling on the provided number.
  • You have to apprise us of the location where you want to keep the deceased body safe. Our team gives you several options that offer mortuary services according to your convenience.
  • The team asks you for the transporting vehicle requirement and the number of people who will accompany the deceased body during the shifting in the mortuary.
  • Our team will book a service slot and start serving you immediately.

Documents Required

As it is well known that keeping the deceased body in a place comes under a legal and responsible process, we pay strong attention to the completion of documentation. Here is the list of all the important things that you need to submit to the concerned department in the mortuary house.
  1. The valid identity proof of the deceased person along with a current photograph. This identity proof may be the Adhar card/ voter ID card/ passport etc.
  2. The consent of the family is mandatory before shifting the body to a mortuary house. A form signed by the head family member or who is taking part in this process is very important.
  3. The death certificate issued by a certified hospital is also an important document for this process. Last Journey team members help the family in issuing this crucial document in a certain period.

Trustworthy Services

Several direction companies are helping people in their difficult times by assisting them but Last Journey serves people with an empathetic feeling. We take part in their immense grief and provide genuine help. We avoid untimely delays and problems while providing all kinds of services related to the demise of a person. Transparency between the company and the service users helps us in gaining ground rapidly in this serving field.
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