Pet Memorial

Pet Memorial

Since our pets are a part of our family, grieving the loss of a pet is just as hard as grieving the loss of a human family member. There are a number of things you may do to assist you get through your grief. Last Journey provides current and accurate information to pet owners about what to do when their dear pet dies. It can be a heartbreaking time when a pet passes away, and many pet owners are unsure what to do other than phone their veterinarian. There are additional choices than calling the vet that can assist you and your pet have a more individualised cremation and memorial procedure. We offer pet cremation services, dog memorial services, pet keepsakes, and assistance on the mourning process after your pet has passed away.

  • Pet Memorial Services

    • 24×7 Funeral and Cremation Services for your Pet.
    • Easy Arrangements over the phone.
    • Reliable Transport Services
    • Unique and Personalized Ways to Memorialise Your Pets

    • Personal Delivery of Cremated Remains and Memorial Products 
    • Arrangement for Pet Urns and Headstones
    • Framing Images and Sketch Art

Cherish Your Pet’s Memories

Keep your pet close to your heart, even when they are no more. By considering your options, you can commemorate your pet’s life in a meaningful way. Your pet is a member of your family both now and in the future. After they’ve passed, show them love and a permanent home in your heart. Families have a variety of options for remembering their pets. Burials, funeral services for pets, cremations, and various memorials are all available. It’s worthwhile to do something unique in honour of a loved one. 

Quick Arrangement for Pet Urns and Headstones

We understand that your pets are dear to you, thus we provide pet funeral services to ensure that they get the utmost care till their last journey. We will present you with a lovely pet stone for your pet, we will also frame images and draw sketches. We hope their affection for you lasts forever. Our team at Last Journey staunchly opposes animal cruelty. We care for animals and promise the best possible care and attention to them during the process. For our Pet Cremation Services, we stick to firm norms of ethics and standards in order to provide you with the finest possible service. 



How do you honour a dog that has passed away?

A dog funeral is a means to honour your dog’s life in the same way that you would honour a family member. Even if you don’t bury your dog in a pet cemetery, you can still hold a memorial service at home or at another area that your dog enjoyed, such as a park.

How to cope up with the loss of a dead pet?

There are many ways to memorialise your pet, from handcrafted urns to exquisite high-quality headstones. Last Journey presents a wide range of memorial gifts to suit every taste and style.

Is there a memorial service available after the cremation of my pet?

Last Journey makes arrangements with the pet cemetery to allow for a memorial service for your pet before the cremation.

How long should we wait for a pet memorial service after death?

Since there is no time constraint to bury or cremate the pet remains, a pet memorial service can be held at any time following the cremation. Some families hold a memorial ceremony within a few days of the death, while others wait weeks or even months.