Parsi Cremation Services

Parsi Cremation Services provided by the Last Journey: 

  • 24×7 Parsi Cremation & Funeral Services
  • Dead Body Transportation by Road & Air
  • Timely Delivery of Freezer Box 
  • End-to-end assistance throughout the process
  • Personalized services for your family members
  • Mortuary or Hearse Van Services
  • Printing & Publishing of Obituaries
  • Electric Crematorium Bookings

Parsi Cremation Services by Last Journey

Last Journey is a funeral service serving people of all faiths and religions. We understand that death strikes without warning, and there is no time to consider or respond. We’re a professional end-of-life service organisation headed by experienced, skilled, and caring employees at a difficult time in your life. We will assist you during this difficult time by handling all parts of the cremation, including crematory booking, ambulance dispatch, body preparation, and all cremation ceremonies. We handle every detail of the cremation so you may focus on your grief.

Freezer Box on Hire 

Freezer box / Ice Box (for Body at Home) /Mortuary Ambulance to keep the body overnight in a freezer box (placed within the vehicle) that can be kept outside your home premises or near the hospital. Those final minutes with a loved one who has died are invaluable. The body is kept frozen for a few hours in the Last Journey dead body freezer box until the last rites are performed. It is designed so that the deceased’s family, relatives, and friends can view it and pay their respects.

Mortuary and Hearse Van Services

Without a doubt, the death of a loved one is one of life’s most tragic events. There are a host of other duties that must be accomplished while striving to cope with this situation, worsening the discomfort. Last Journey understands your pain and provides a dead corpse transportation service, which includes funeral, hearse, and mortuary van services, so you may rest easy. We offer the best in dead body transfer services from any location to any cremation or burial site; from any hospital to home and then to cremation or burial ground; and even directly from the hospital to cremation or burial ground. In addition, we can arrange for Ambulance Decor.

Printing & Publishing of Obituaries

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be emotionally draining. In these difficult circumstances, telling society and the appropriate people about the demise can be difficult. By writing a meaningful obituary for a loved one, The Last Journey may assist you in handling this civic responsibility. We give their support to you by arranging for the Obituary to be published in news journals.

Bookings at the Best Electric Crematoriums

Electric crematoriums are being built in various parts of the country, particularly in metro cities, to combat pollution, and are being advocated by the government, commercial NGOs, and environmentalists. Only a small percentage of the population uses electric cremation technology. Parsis nowadays are switching more to electric crematoriums. Last Journey provides their services in the best electric crematoriums all over the country.