How To Transport A Dead Body by Air/Flight In India

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Transporting a dead body through air or flight is a cumbersome as well a stressful task. We usually don’t have the information and the contacts that we may need in getting the needful done. Here is a guide as to how you can transport a loved one to their final resting place through domestic and international travel. 

Transport A Dead Body by AirFlight In India

The passing away of a loved one is an overwhelming experience. There is a lot that has to be dealt with, both emotionally and managerially. Plus, arranging for the lost loved one’s funeral ceremony is one of the most difficult things to amidst those heart-breaking times. We understand how difficult it becomes getting through the strategy while handling everything.

Under certain circumstances, one may have to transport the deceased via plane to another city or even a country. It is still easier to transport within cities using a mortuary van or ambulance with a freezer box. But when it comes to transit through-plane there are laws regarding the transportation of the dead, you need to be well aware of funeral shipping protocols so that you can achieve successful dead body transportation by air at the lowest prices.

Dead Body Air Transportation Inclusions:

  1. What is the procedure to transfer a dead body by air?
  2. What are the documents required to transport the dead body by plane in India?
  3. What is the Cost of Dead Body Transport by Air?
  4. How much time does it take to transport a dead body by flight?

How to transport the dead body by plane within Indian cities?

Arrange clearances and documents for air cargo clearance.

   1. Hospital clearance and death certificate

  1. A Death Certificate or hospital clearance is issued by the necessary doctor stating the cause of death and that whether the patient was Covid positive or not. One should make sure that the certificate is in English instead of a local language so that no issues are faced for air cargo clearance. 
  2. In case the demise is unnatural, arrangements of the document such as post mortem certificate and FIR from the police department are necessary. 
  3. Before booking the air cargo the family should be aware of the reason for death as for some causes of death such as yellow fever, plague, and Covid the process of transportation may change or there may be other requirements. 
  4. Here is the official Guidance Information on the Transport of COVID-19 Human Remains by Air

    2.Police NOC from the local police station

  1. To transport the deceased in a cargo flight one may need to visit a police station that comes under the jurisdiction of the respective area and ask them for a NOC for the same. 
  2. They may certain questions about the deceased and the cause of demise. 

   3. Embalming Certificate from embalming service

  1. The embalming process aims to avoid and slow down the process of decomposition of the human body by removing body fluids and replacing them with certain chemicals. This service is compulsory both in the case of international and domestic transit of the deceased. 
  2. Many government and private hospitals perform the embalming process with professional and quality skills. The concerned authorities and the doctor will use the required signed and sealed certificate.

 4.Coffin Box Service and certificate

The next step is to look for a professional undertaker who will arrange for coffin box services. To transport your loved ones with care, they will be sealed and packed in a coffin box. After the final inspection, the undertaker will issue a coffin box certificate for air cargo clearance. 

5.ID Card and Photos

To get clearance from air cargo you require an ID such as Adhaar Card, driver’s license, or any other such document. 

Book Air Cargo Services and Tickets

  1. There are a limited number of air operator services that accept and transport dead bodies or human remains. Therefore it is necessary to check for such services and then enquire on the call regarding all the details. The air cargo departments provide information as to the availability and the timings of the next flight. 
  2. If it is possible, book for the air cargo services of human remains online. In many cases, you may have to visit and book for the same.
  3. If you are looking for transit with accompanying, you will have to book a ticket for the same.
  4. If you are looking for transit without accompanying, you will have to provide details of the receiver.

Arrange for Mortuary Services

  1. Before the transit of the deceased to the airport, you will have to keep your loved one in a mortuary facility. It will help prevent the decomposition of your lost loved one. 
  2. You can book for a private or a government mortuary facility.
  3. To transport the deceased to the mortuary center, book an ambulance with a freezer box.

Book Mortuary Transport or Ambulance 

Once all the certifications are ready, you will need to transport the deceased to the airport through an ambulance or mortuary van. For prompt service book for Last Journey ambulance service

How to transport the dead body by plane internationally?

For International dead body transportation, the procedure to follow is on similar lines as for domestic dead body transportation. There are some additional documents and procedures that have to be arranged. For stress-free transit of your loved one, you can take services of Last Journey transportation by air. 

Documents required for international dead body transportation or repatriation services.

  1. Arrangement of all medical and legal documents as per the regulations of the state of destination.
  2. The deceased should be embalmed and a certificate required for air cargo clearance. 
  3. No objection Certificate or clearance from the respective country’s consulate.
  4. Death Certificate or hospital clearance from the local health authority.
  5. Duly canceled passport of the deceased by the appropriate State of authority. 
  6. Clearance or No Objection certificate from the local police authority.
  7. If a passenger is accompanying then a confirmed ticket is required and if not then approval from the destination is required.
  8. The ID of the person looking for the transit.

When it comes to the cost of dead body transport by air, the charges vary depending on many factors. The factors include:

  1. A Major factor in deciding the cost of transfer of human remains by air is the weight of the body and also the location of the destination airport. As per your case, the provider will state the charges.
  2. Cost of embalming and cost of the coffin box. Depending on the quality of the coffin box and from the private embalming center charges, your cost of transporting the dead body by air will vary. 
  3. Mortuary Storage and ambulance cost. Depending on what the mortuary centers charge for storage and transportation, the cost of dead body transportation by air varies. 
  4. Air Cargo and air ticket charges. Different carriers of human remains charge different prices. Depending on the air operator you choose, the cost will vary. In case a person will be accompanying then the cost of the ticket will play an important role in deciding the overall price. 
  5. Market conditions and government rules. Since the process is quite complex and procedural, the rules and laws for the transportation of dead bodies keep changing. As per changes in taxes, the cost fluctuates.

Since the last rites have to be conducted with full respect and dignity, an idea of the timeline should be kept in mind.

  1. For domestic transportation of the human remains, apart from the flight time taken, one should keep a buffer period of 3 hours after reaching the airport with the body, and again a buffer period of 3 hours after the body has reached the airport of the desired destination.
  2. For international transportation of human remains, apart from the flight time taken, one should keep a buffer period of 5 hours after reaching the airport with the body, and again a buffer period of 6 hours after the body has reached the airport of the desired destination country.

The demise of a loved one brings with it a lot of responsibilities that you may need to take care of. Out of everything, the dead body transport service by air is the most crucial. Be it domestic transit or traveling across international borders, there is a fixed procedure that needs to be followed. All of this involves strategies for transportation, documents required, and expenses to consider. 

The entire process can get very overwhelming and confusing, especially at a time when you have lost a loved one. To give families relief and time, the Last Journey funeral services offers end-to-end services of dead body transportation by air. Their team has experience in both domestic and international transportation services. They follow a professional and empathetic approach while offering such assistance and are available 24*7. 

No one can take the pain away from you, but to ensure that you face no problems in conducting a dignified funeral service, the team of the Last Journey will arrange everything for you. You can save yourself from running all over for vendors and service providers. All the services are customized as per your needs and preferences.




How do you bring a dead body on a air cargo plane?

To transport the deceased via air, one may have to book air cargo tickets along with embalming and coffin box services. The documentation and clearance work is quite complex, and hence it is advised to take the services of funeral providers such as Last Journey.

How much does it cost to transport a dead body in India?

The cost for transporting a dead body in India depends on many factors, including the air operator services, the distance between the pick and drop location, the weight of the body, and much more. To know more, reach out to our team, and we will solve all your queries.

How do I send a dead body to India?

A deceased person’s body can be transported to India via Last Journey’s air cargo service. All precautions are taken and the dead body is sent through cargo planes. The charges of air cargo transportation depends on where it is getting transported from.

Can you take a dead body home from the hospital?

Yes, it is possible to take the dead body home. We offer transportation services by road such as ambulance service, hearse vans for transporting dead bodies, and mortuary vans for long distance travels. There are also train services for transporting dead bodies inter-state.

What is the cost of flying a dead body?

The cost for flying a dead body in India depends on many factors, including the air operator services, the distance between the pick and drop location, the weight of the body, and much more. To know more, reach out to our team, and we will solve all your queries.


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