Dead Body Transportation by Air

The Last Journey Dead Body Transportation by Air

Reaching the final resting place in a dignified and honourable way is the right of everyone. We understand that during emotional times, arranging for air transportation for your loved one can get overwhelming. Since there are laws regarding the transportation of the dead, you need to be well aware of funeral shipping protocols so that you can achieve successful dead body transportation by air at the lowest prices.

The Last Journey body transportation by air includes domestic as well as international travel. We cover cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and countries such as the USA, Canada, Singapore, UK, and many more.

Our team assures you of the best services at the lowest prices. Through our dead body transportation by air services, we aim for families to mourn in peace and help each person get the funeral they deserve. You will face no problems while arranging for all the last rites of your loved one. Our funeral services for the deceased person will help you to be with your family in this moment of grief instead of running to various places for all the arrangements. We assure you of full commitment and compassion from our sides. All our services will be customized as per your preferences. We are there for you each step of the way!

We Will Assist you in the following aspects of Body transportation by air –

  • Obtaining hospital clearances and a death certificate 

    It is mandatory to get a death certificate issued from the hospital or the respective doctor stating the reason for demise. Some requirements of the document include specifications in the English language, name, age, gender, cause of death, medical license number, and more.

  • No Objection Certificate from the local police station

    To get a police NOC one must visit the police station under the respective jurisdiction and inform them about the need for a NOC. They may ask for certain documents and may also inquire about the reasons for their demise.

  • Embalming and coffin box certificate

    The practice of embalming is compulsory when it comes to dead body transport by air. The primary reason is to avoid decomposition of the body by replacing the fluids of the body with chemicals. Once the procedure is completed, a certificate is issued necessary to get air cargo clearances. 

    After embalming the next step is to get a coffin box from the undertakers of the funeral. They will package the lost loved one safely and securely and will then issue a certificate as a confirmation.

  • Mortuary Services in Delhi

    For transportation of the body from the centre to the airport, we arrange for mortuary ambulances to carefully conduct the transit along with a professional team. 

    We also arrange for mortuary facilities to keep the lost loved one in a good condition until the process of embalming starts.

  • Air Cargo Bookings in Delhi

    There are not many air operators in India that carry out domestic and international repatriation services. We ensure to connect you with the earliest and the best services that provide professional and personalized services. 

    In the case of shipping of the remains with no company, we will align services with end-to-end support.

    If you need to accompany the deceased, we book affordable and comfortable tickets for your journey.


Yes, it is safe to transport dead bodies by air. Dead bodies are transported via cargo planes, and we ensure to receive the deceased at the cargo terminal. All precautions are taken, and regulations are followed to transport the body without any obstruction.

The charges of transporting a body by air may vary depending on where the body is being transported from and to what destination. The mortuary cargo fee is calculated based on the weight of the deceased person and the distance to be covered.

Mostly embalmment is required if the body is being transported by air/rail/road and must cover long distances. It is advised to discuss this with the funeral manager who is responsible for transportation.