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Dead Body Transportation from Australia to India

Dead Body Transportation from Australia to India
Dead Body Transportation from Australia to India


30 April, 2024

Dead Body Transportation from Australia to India

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This all depends on the cycle of breathing. When it stops, the world around the loved ones also takes a pause. The demise of the person with whom you shared all kinds of pleasures and grief puts you in a state where you have to face mental and emotional agony. What makes it even worse and inexplicable is the demise that happened in another country. A lot of people are not aware of the procedure and organizations to bring their loved ones back home for the final rites and prayer offerings.

Dead body transportation

A heartfelt effort can help the people who are grappling with the concern of bringing their loved ones back home for the last time. It is worth informing you that the only way to bring the corpse of a deceased person from one to another country is by air transportation. But the transportation of the deceased’s body is a complex process that requires a lot of documentation, formalities and arrangements.

Transportation of the Body of a Deceased Person from Australia to India

Transportation of a deceased body between any two countries is widely known as international dead body transportation or international dead body repatriation. The international dead body repatriation is similar in some ways to the domestic transportation of dead bodies. But the additional documentation and requirements make it a bit more complex. Along with that, it takes more time in comparison with domestic transportation. Even the varying cost can be a major distinguishing factor. One must be aware of the organizations which provide the facility of transportation of corpses as all the air services do not render it.

After knowing about the organization that can aid you in bringing your loved one back home, you must follow the steps which can be easy as pie if a professional team supports you at that time.

Step -1. Clearance from the hospital and death certificate is the first and most crucial step.

  1. The doctor who affirmed the death of the person must assign the death certificate issued by the hospital authority.
  2. A cursory overview can bother you as sometimes doctors mistakingly mention wrong information. So one must check the basic points like name, age, gender, date of birth, date and timing of death, reason of death, permanent address of deceased, doctor’s sign or seal, and hospital’s stamp painstakingly.
  3. The death certificate must be in both languages which are used in the involved countries because both the cargo authorities at the end of the repatriation process check it in detail.
  4. The original copy of the death certificate is not for the submission so take at least ten xerox copies of the death certificate for the submission if somewhere you are required to.

Step -2. Inform a place to arrange the freezing box

  1. Both the process of issuing death certificates and air cargo arrangements are lengthy and complicated. You have to wait for all the clearance. In between the concern of the body, decay can be troublesome. For that, you need to arrange a freezing box that keeps the body safe for a long duration.
  2. It can be available at the same hospital. In case there is no such option, go for the mortuary ambulance. You need not pay for that as the hospital authority has to provide that.

Step- 3. Inform the Nearest Local Police station

As the deceased was residing in another country so it comes under the law that you must inform the local police jurisdiction about the demise of the person and after that, the authoritarian will issue a no-objection certificate.

Step – 4. Opt embalming service if required

Sometimes the above process can be stretched for days. Here the freezing box option is worthless for such a long time. Embalming is a process in which the deceased body is covered with a substance that refrains it from decomposition. Try to get it done from a hospital or a reliable embalming service center. They provide an embalming certificate right after the completion of the embalming procedure. After embalming mostly the bodies are kept in the coffin boxes so you need to arrange one before the air repatriation.

Step -5. List of the mandatory documents required for air cargo clearance

This is the most important segment of international dead body repatriation. Without these one can not get clearance from any of the air cargo authorities of the countries which are involved in the transportation process.

List of necessary documents-

  1. Death certificate
  2. Copy of the Post -mortem report
  3. No objection certificate (NOC) issued by police
  4. No objection certificate from respective countries’ consulate
  5. Embalming certificate
  6. Coffin certificate
  7. Photo and identity card ( It may include Aadhar card/driving license or another equivalent document)
  8. Contact details of all the authoritative organizations that were included in the various legal process.

Every document has at least 10 Xerox copies of its own.

Step – 6. Arranging ambulance

After collecting all the mandatory documents, necessities and getting the body from the last center, you need to arrange an ambulance which has an inbuilt freezing service for reaching the airport.

Step -7. Booking the Ticket on an Urgent Basis

As the entire process is not certain and time taking, one cannot arrange the tickets on a prior basis. It may go in vain if the process completes before or after the time of taking off.

  1. First, inquire about the air cargo services which provide the repatriation of deceased bodies. You can gather the information over phone calls and arrange an online ticket. If there is no option for online booking, you have to go there in person and book the ticket.
  2. AWB department is responsible for such services, so one can inform the AWB department of air cargo service within three hours.

Cost of Transportation of the Dead body from Australia to India

No doubt it is an expensive way to bring back the person who is no more with you but for the rituals and funeral process. But what not can be offered in the exchange for spending the last moments with the family and friends at home. When a dead body is transported from Australia to India, it requires a Proper Document. This entirely depends on the circumstances associated with the procedure.

Time Required in the Transportation of the Dead Body from Australia to India

The time required for the international repatriation of the dead body from Australia to India depends solely on the above proceedings. If the death happens in an unnatural circumstance, then the post-mortem will take at least 6 to 7 hours. Issuing of death certificate also requires time if the person was not admitted to the same hospital which is releasing it. But a patient after demise can get it soon and in a rather easier way. It also relies on the availability of air cargo service flights. So the total time can vary from 2 to 3 days. As it is not certain.

It is quite easy to understand and relatable as being a human that fulfilling all the requirements for transportation at such a sensitive time is not easy. To help you at that difficult moment some organizations like Last Journey have taken the onus to provide you with the best aid regarding transportation.

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