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Transfer a Dead Body By Air in India

Dead Body Air Ambulance Services

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Despite the COVID situation in Delhi, your team organized for a dignified and graceful farewell of my mother.

Ruchi Sharma

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Thank you for fulfilling my mother’s last wish. Your team successfully managed to cremate my mother at her birthplace.

Anukool Sachdeva

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The services provided were exceptional. They took care of everything and made sure our loved one was laid to rest with dignity.

Monika Sharma

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After the death of a loved one, we are surrounded by a lot of questions. What are we supposed to do now? How to communicate with the authorities abroad? Who should I turn to for assistance? Last Journey is your ultimate solution for this.  Last Journey Air Ambulance Services is one of the few companies in India that provides economical dead body transportation. Dead Body Transportation by Air refers to the process of moving a deceased person’s body from the country/location of death to the country/location where the last rites are supposed to hold. Last Journey Air Ambulance Service will transport dead bodies for you both domestically and internationally. Though for transporting a body internationally, the rules and regulations may vary from country to country, some common documents are required in almost every country.  Our team also assists our clients at every step of the way in collecting all the necessary documents and clearance from the appropriate authorities on time. Last Journey’s personnel is really helpful and nice. You can always contact us for any kind of assistance regarding air ambulance transportation in Patna or air ambulance service in Jaipur. We’ll be more than happy to help you when you need it the most.

Dead Body Transportation to India from Any Country

United States ( USA ) Zimbabwe Kazakhstan
Kenya  Botswana Laos
Tanzania Zambia Lebanon
Uganda Maldives Jamaica
Madagascar Ghana Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Nigeria  Israel Barbados
Mozambique  Armenia Suriname
Libya Brunei Venezuela

Dead Body Transportation Services in India

Patna Delhi Bangalore
Gaya Pune Hubli-Dharwad
Muzaffarpur Mumbai Mysore
Purnia Nagpur Kalaburagi
Begusarai Thane Mangaluru
Bhagalpur Nashik Belgaum
Bihar Sharif Navi Mumbai Davanagere
Darbhanga Solapur Bellary
Bettiah Jalgaon Vijayapura
Motihari Gondia Kanpur
Indore Bhusawal Lucknow
Bhopal Jalgaon Prayagraj
Jabalpur Satna Gorakhpur
Ujjain Hyderabad Muzaffarnagar

When to Carry a Dead Body in Plane?

  • When a person dies in a different city or county and the body cannot be transported by Train or Road ; 
  • When the distance of transportation is very long and road transport will take many hours to reach the destination

If you plan to transfer a deceased through flight, you should be aware of the transportation procedure, legal requirements, and cargo booking procedures. When it comes to taking a deceased body in flight, here are the specific steps to take.

What is the Procedure to Carry Dead Body by Air in India?

  • Get a death certificate from the treating doctor or hospital: Once the death has been confirmed, get a death certificate from the treating doctor or hospital. You can easily obtain a death certificate from the local government doctor or a private doctor in your area. In case of death at young age, the doctor may need to refer it for a postmortem as part of the medico-legal procedure.
  • Arrange for a mortuary: After receiving the death certificate, you can ask the hospital for a mortuary to store the body. If the hospital does not have a mortuary, you can contact the Last Journey team and we’ll arrange one within a couple of hours. 
  • Obtain a police NOC: The NOC must be obtained from the local police station. To obtain a police NOC, you must have a death certificate, a valid ID card of a diseased person, or a postmortem report.
  • Embalm the body to keep it from decomposing: The body must be embalmed to keep it from decomposing. This can be obtained from the hospital or from one of the city's private embalming centres. After the embalming is completed, you must obtain an embalming certificate in the diseased person's name.
  • Packing in a coffin box: If you need to carry a deceased person by plane, it is critical to pack the deceased person in a coffin box in order to obtain air freight permission.
  • Booking a mortuary ambulance to transfer the dead corpse to the nearest airport's air freight terminal once the body has been put in a coffin box is the next step.
  • Purchase an air freight ticket: Produce all relevant paperwork at the cargo department and obtain a ticket for the deceased person, either with or without an accompanying ticket.
  • Receiving the body: To receive the dead body at the destination airport, you must have a valid cargo ticket or ticket number.

What Documentation are Necessary for Scheduling Dead Corpse Cargo?

Valid paperwork are required to book a freight ticket for a deceased person. Remember to bring at least ten photocopies of all documents with you.

  • Death certificate, photo, and ID card
  • Report on the Aftermath ( only in case of post mortem )
  • Police Embalming certificate (NOC)
  • Coffin Certificate
  • Receiver's contact information

Flights that allow Carrying Dead Body in India

In India, not every airline accepts dead body air cargo bookings. The following is a list of airlines to consider.

  • Indigo Airlines accepts dead corpse air cargo on the majority of its flights. You can check with Indigo Airlines for booking and specifics. More information can be found here.
  • Airlines of India (Air India): For the bulk of their trips, Air India accepts air cargo bookings for the dead body.
  • Low Price is a low-cost airline based

Many more airlines accept air cargo bookings; verify with the cargo department of the airline before purchasing a passenger ticket.

How much does Dead Body Air Transport cost in India?

The cost of flying a dead body depends on the following factors and may vary depending on distance and situation. Mortuary fees - Private mortuaries charge around 5000-6000 INR per day. Embalming roughly cost around  15000-20000 INR For a journey of up to 30 kilometers, a mortuary ambulance costs around 10000 INR. It may charge extra each kilometre after that. Coffin box simple coffin boxes cost around 2500 INR and can cost up to 10000 INR depending on the style of coffin box.

Preserving the body for Long Distance Travel

Embalming is the process of preserving a deceased person's body. A chemical formulation is injected into the dead body through the blood vessels in this process. This liquid chemical reaches every part of the body and reacts with body tissues, resulting in preservation. It is especially required for air transportation when the body needs to be preserved for a longer period of time. Last Journey also provides embalming services with Air Ambulance Service in Bangalore and other cities in India. 

Provision of Coffin Box

When someone dies away from home, their body must be returned to their family for last rites. Experience and tact are required when transporting a body by air from one place to the other. To ensure the smooth shipment of a coffin by air, many aspects must be considered, including obtaining important documents with the completion of numerous customs and legal formalities, while adhering to the tight restrictions regulation dead body transportation by air.

Assistance through Repatriation Process

These arrangements add to the grief of bereaved families. Our team of experts at Last Journey handle the whole repatriation process with Air Ambulance Service in Jaipur, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore, among other big cities. Ensuring that the customs standards, local transportation rules, and permissions are met, Last Journey is a dependable partner for the rapid and reliable return of the deceased.  You can also easily contact our team for coffin box services. In fact, all aspects of transportation, whether air ambulance transportation in Ranchi or Darbhanga, are overseen by our skilled team. In addition, we also make sure there is enough space for the deceased’s family members or friends to accompany them on their last journey. 

Honouring your loved one the right way

To be certain, the Last Journey Ambulance Service always pays an honourable tribute to those who have passed away. We are committed to transporting all the deceased corpses from one location to the other at all times. Last Journey provides air ambulance from Patna to Delhi with timely service and no delays.  Our team gives grieving families primary services for dead body transportation, including Freezer Box, Embalming, and Coffin Box. Since the dead body is sacred,  we treat the departed person’s body with reverence. In most cases, road ambulances, coffin boxes, and air ambulances are used to transfer the deceased. Our licensed ambulance will lend a helping hand in transferring the sacred soul to the required location. 


The procedure for domestic dead body transfer is very similar to that of international. Though there might be some additional paperwork and steps you must take for the latter. But you may not worry about these. Just contact Last Journey Funeral Services for a stress-free experience.  When a loved one passes away, there are a list of responsibilities that must be taken. The air transport service for dead bodies is the most important of all. Whether going within the country or across foreign boundaries, there is a set procedure that must be followed. All you need is a reliable source for transportation, necessary documents, and the calculation of costs.   The entire process may sound complex and intimidating, especially when bad news has struck you so recently. Last Journey Funeral Services provides end-to-end services of dead corpse transportation by air to almost every big city in India including, Amritsar, Cochin, Coimbatore, and Surat. Our team is skilled to work both domestically and internationally. We provide such aid in a professional and sensitive manner and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We wouldn’t be able to understand the emotions you’re feeling, but our staff will take care of everything so that you remember your lost loved one in the best way. Don’t look any further than us. You can avoid looking for merchants and service providers all over the place. All of our services will be tailored to your specific needs. 

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