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Dead Body Transport from India to Mauritius

Dead Body Transport from India to Mauritius
Dead Body Transport from India to Mauritius


30 April, 2024

Dead Body Transport from India to Mauritius

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The demise of a person is always aching but if it happens in a foreign land then it hits differently. The reasons behind it are the time taking processes, collection of many documents, security of remains of departed soul and arrangement of shipping facilities etc. With the help of some organizations, one can make it less complex and less time taking.  Last journey  is providing its services in the repatriation or transportation process as well.

If someone is looking for every minute information regarding the repatriation process from India to Mauritius, this is going to help them in many aspects.

The medium of repatriation from India to Mauritius

When it comes to the transportation of human remains inside a country or between two states or cities, commuting through roads is an easier and less expensive task. But if we talk about international repatriation, air transportation is the only option. In the transportation of a dead body from India to Mauritius, the last journey helps in arranging the tickets for family members and cargo shipping of human remains.

Not only the shipping of the cargo is a complex task but the other processes like reporting the death, getting the death certificate, embalming process, and arranging the coffin and mortuary van are also time-consuming and tedious tasks.

Some questions related to the dead body repatriation can bother a family member during devastating times such as,

  1. What are the main documents which are required to collect before leaving the foreign land?
  2. How much time does it take in reaching the destination from the foreign land?
  3. What is the cost of the entire repatriation process?
  4. Which air services provide cargo shipping services?

Let’s have a look at the entire process.

Process of getting death certificate and clearance before shipping the cargo

The first and foremost clearance family members get from the concerned hospital where the deceased person was admitted. If the person dies under natural circumstances then a certified and authentic hospital can authority give clearance and death certificate.

  1. The hospital authority assures whether the death was due to covid infection or not.
  2. If the death happens under a suspicious situation then one must collect the postmortem report and copy of the FIR lodged in the nearby police station.
  3. Knowing the reason for death is very important in these covid times because one has to follow the additional guidelines regarding the prevention of infection.
  4. One must check the information twice related to the departed soul like age, gender, name, time and place of death etc.
  5. The conversion of the death certificate into the local language

The second clearance a family person can get from the local police authority of the area where the person was residing or visiting. They issue a NOC (no-objection certificate) for further clearance in the shipping process. This is important according to the jurisdiction aspect. Before giving clearance they usually ask for the reason for death.

Embalming process and issuance of embalming certificate

It is quite easy to understand that repatriation is a time taking process and the human body can not survive such long hours in normal conditions. Here embalming service plays a major role in preventing the body from decomposition. This is a process of coating the human remains with a chemical substance and replacing the body fluids with some chemical substances. It makes the body able to survive a few more hours. One should look for a certified embalming service organization. After embalming the body, they also provide the embalming certificate. The last journey assists in arranging the government or certified embalming specialists with advanced skills.

Arranging coffin and getting coffin certificate

Usually, the embalming service centers provide coffins to secure the human remains after embalming service. The family member should check the coffin box meticulously before placing the body inside it. It should be new and sealed. The person should ask for the coffin certificate which assures that the coffin can be shipped to the destined place.

The list of mandatory documents in the repatriation of the dead body from India to Mauritius

air-transportation doc

  1. Death certificate
  2.  Post-mortem copy
  3. Police NOC
  4. Embalming certificate
  5. Coffin certificate
  6. Photo and ID card ( Adhaar card/ driving license or any equivalent document)
  7. Contact details of the receiver in case of non-accompanied transport

These documents must be collected before reaching the air service organization and only original certificates are not enough. So one must collect at least 10 xerox copies of each document.

Booking Tickets for air cargo shipping and the person who is travelling along with the cargo

The family member who is taking part in the repatriation process should keep these important points while booking the air cargo tickets

  1. As it is informed before that all the air service providers do not provide cargo shipping services so one must check through phone calls and internet services to book the tickets.
  2. One should book the tickets through online methods as booking tickets offline takes enormous time and one has to visit all the air service places for this.
  3. If the person is traveling with the cargo then booking both the tickets will be the best option.
  4. If the family member is traveling on another flight then he or she must provide the address and information about the receiver.

Importance of a Mortuary van or vehicle with freezing service

It is not certain when the person and human remains will get their place so to prevent the body from decomposition at the air service place, one must book a mortuary vehicle with freezing amenities.

Time and cost of repatriation of the dead body from India to Mauritius

The usual time in reaching from India to Mauritius is 6 and half hours but due to the several complex situations, it takes at least one day or sometimes one and half days in reaching the destined place. The cost of repatriation also increases from the usual charges.

The last journey tries to help the users from the start of the transportation and it believes in the completion of tasks with satisfactory results.

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