Electric Crematorium in Chennai

Electric Crematorium in Chennai are clean, well-maintained spaces adding a holy essence in the process of last rites of the loved one. The entire facility, including the landscaping and the design, are well maintained by the respective authorities ensuring dignity to the demise in their last journey. 

As per the regulations of the state, the crematoriums in Chennai will have enough spaces for rituals, well-manicured lawns, elegant entrances, and options of open-air, electric, and CNG cremation. They create a welcoming space for relatives and friends who come to perform the last rides and pay condolences to the grieving family. 

They are well equipped with facilities, including benches, drains, restrooms, waiting areas, and furnaces. Usually filled with devotees, the crematoriums follow a first come first basis. Hence it is advised to reach out to our team and get a slot booked in advance! 

Our team has compiled a list of the best electric crematoriums in Chennai with the necessary details:


For as long as one can remember, the city of Chennai abounds in places and crematoriums that are devoted to fulfilling the practical and spiritual desires of people who come to visit these places. The aura of the ground reverberates with spirituality, holiness, and chants of the people seeking moksha for their lost loved ones. In addition to this, it is replete with marvellous architecture, grand memorials, and things of cultural significance. At any time of the year, the people come here to cremate their loved ones in the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. 

Electric crematoriums serve as an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional open-air cremation. They are set up in metro cities and are actively promoted by the government, NGO’s, and authorities. The process is affordable, energy-efficient, and creates less air pollution, while all the religious needs are taken into consideration.