Funeral Services

Last Journey all-inclusive funeral services in Indore:

  • Serving all religions and faiths 24*7
  • Cremation and Burial Services
  • Dead body Transportation by road and air
  • Timely delivery of freezer box and Antim Sanskar Samagri Kit
  • End-to-end assistance in Chautha/Tehravin/Asthi Visarjan
  • Prayer meets and pujas for the loved one
  • Well-Experienced Funeral Pandits and Priests 
  • Bookings for pandits, priests, and bhajan singers
  • Printing and publishing of Obituaries 
  • Funeral Pre-planning in Indore

The death of a loved one brings with it a plethora of emotions such as worry, grief, anxiety, and many unanswered questions, all of which make dealing with it tough. Conducting the funeral service for our loved ones is very important in our religions because it allows the deceased’s soul to find peace. 

The Last Journey’s skilled team will walk you through all of the procedures and ceremonies of funeral service while keeping in mind your various religious beliefs. Our team of compassionate and dedicated specialists will be with you every step of your loved one’s final journey. From cremation ground bookings to the Chautha ceremony, our staff provides personalised funeral services to honour your lost loved one.

  • What is Funeral Pre-Planning?

    We may not fully grasp the universal fact of life but we all know that death is something we must face, whether it is that of a loved one or that of ourselves. Planning your funeral is a good decision since it allows you to have complete control over your end-of-life decisions while also relieving the burden on your loved ones.

  • Last Journey Pre-Planning Funeral Services in Indore

    • Funeral Director for Planning
    • Will Creation
    • Making important financial decisions
    • Donation services for Organs/Charities
    • Type of funeral service (Cremation, Burial, Order of Service, Ceremony site, Family Details, Floral Selection, Urn/Casket Selection)
    • Last messages to Friends and Families

    Last Journey intends for families to be able to grieve in peace. We set up bespoke and stunning funeral decor for your loved one’s transportation, prayer halls, and home condolence meets.

    Our special funeral services in Indore also offer eco-friendly cremation, life celebrations, counselling, and conduct therapy treatments, among others. 

    We pledge to provide great and honest services to bereaved families in order to help you in your time of need. You can learn more about funeral services from us or make funeral arrangements for a loved one, and we can help you with both.