Dead Body Transportation by Road

  • 24*7 Ambulance Service in Indore
  • Dead Body Transportation Safely and Securely
  • Timely Delivery of Hearse at Doorstep
  • Fully-Sanitized Mortuary Van (with freezer) 
  • Inter-state Dead Body Transport via Train
  • Aid and Supervision of Last Journey Staff

Dead Body Transport in Indore

India is a country with strong ideals and emotions. Transporting the departed to their final resting place is more than a duty; it is an emotional chore that must be handled with dignity and respect. Since families are increasingly dispersed throughout different places and cities, doing this work during such sensitive times would be difficult. 

Last Journey tries to alleviate your stress and bring you some sense of serenity.

Last Journey Transport Service in Indore

In Indore, we provide the most comfortable, cheap, and efficient transportation services. When it comes to transferring the deceased, we will organise all of the paperwork and devise a strategy at the most reasonable cost. When it comes to transferring the deceased, we will organise all of the paperwork and devise a strategy at the most reasonable cost. Our services give you a variety of solutions for meeting your needs in the most efficient way possible. You have the option of using our ambulance, hearse, mortuary van,  or rail services. 

  • Hearse Van for Transportation to the Cremation/Burial Ground

    At some point in our lives, we will all have to deal with the death of a loved one. Despite the fact that we all have similar experiences, each of us has unique and experiences. Last Journey funeral service providers in Indore will assist you during this difficult period. 

    Transportation is made simple and stress-free with our hearse van services in Indore. It includes a completely air-conditioned van with stretchers for transporting your loved one. Our compassionate and skilled personnel ensures that your lost loved one has safe and comfortable travel.

    Our vehicles also transport the deceased person’s family members, as this is a very emotional occasion. If you have any further requests for our funeral vans, we will make every effort to accommodate them. 

  • Mortuary Van in Indore

    There are times when the body of a deceased person must be transported over considerable distances, such as to the deceased’s hometown or another area of sentimental value. Last Journey provides mortuary van services to ensure that the mourning family conduct appropriate last rites. 

    The freezer compartment in the mortuary van helps to keep your loved one’s body fresh and slow down the decomposition process. Temperatures as low as (-5 to -15) degrees celsius are possible. 

  • Ambulance Service in Indore

    Our dead body ambulance service Indore include a qualified team of doctors, nurses, and support workers that take a sensitive and professional approach to their work. The van is equipped with critical patient emergency equipment such as ICU support and oxygen cylinders. Our ambulance services in Indore are extremely competent and up to industry standards. 

    Dead Body Transportation by Train

    We provide dead body transportation by Train of your loved one to remote places that necessitate long-distance travel. It is one of the most practical and cost-effective solutions for long-distance travel. The Last Journey will provide you with end-to-end help because there is a set procedure to follow regarding travel, papers, and expenses.