Last Journey Corporate Solutions

One-Stop Solution for all your emergency end-of-life 



The Last Journey by Ferns N Petals is a trusted partner for families and corporates across 10 cities in India. We have respectfully served 10,000+ individuals for their at-need and pre-need funeral arrangements. We believe in honouring each life uniquely!

With Covid-19 being the most suitable example, we know that the uncertain and inevitable nature of life can take a heavy toll on the mental health of everyone, in turn affecting our work productivity. At Last Journey, we believe that taking responsibility for end-of-life decisions and planning for the future can make the life of your clients and employees stress-free.


What are the benefits of the corporate plans?


Client Portfolio Programs


  • Strengthens your profile in the market
  • Ensures a competitive advantage through a beneficial and meaningful service
  • Differentiates your service portfolio
  • Plan can be optimized as per the client’s specific needs and can include their family


Employee Loyalty Programs


  • Ensures your employee’s peace of mind
  • Strengthens relationship with employees through a valued service
  • Differentiates your benefits and insurances from other companies
  • Plan can be tailored as per the employee’s requirements and can include their family


Our plans incorporate solutions for all the possible scenarios that one might face, protecting them from the distress and uncertainty of the very last minute!


Funeral Service Inclusions:


  • Transportation services of ambulance, hearse, and mortuary van
  • Worldwide repatriation services
  • End-to-end assistance in cremation/burial service
  • Provisions of antim sanskar samagri
  • Pandit/priest services
  • Freezer box and embalming services
  • Obituary in newspapers
  • Assistance in organizing the religious service
  • Prayer Hall Bookings
  • Catering Services
  • Funeral artists/Bhajan Singers for the prayer meeting
  • Chautha/Tehravin/Reception ceremonies
  • Floral arrangements
  • Community lunch/brahman bhoj services
  • Giveaways and mementoes for remembrance


Special Services Inclusions:


  • Legal procedures and formalities
  • Eco-friendly funeral
  • Celebration of life events
  • Prayer meeting via zoom
  • Grief counselling services


The team of Last Journey team follows the path of empathy and professionalism. Our staff and managers work with uttermost sensitivity, care, and compassion while serving the needs of our customers.


Managing comprehensive end-of-life needs


The loss of life is one of the most painful experiences of life, and at such times one should be free from all the responsibilities and duties. You can trust our team for serving you in the distressing phase of life.

Deeply steeped in culture, the religious rituals hold a lot of power in ensuring the healing process. We are a faith-based multi-religious organization catering to people of all religions and communities.

Our team and dedicated staff will reach the specified location. We adhere to all the state rules and regulations and work with high professionalism.

Our plans include providing for the transportation services of hearse and mortuary van; arranging services of antim sanskar samagri, freezer box, coffin, shrouds, and garlands; organizing for the services of a pandit/priest; managing the post-cremation rituals of chautha, tehravin, brahman bhoj, and asthi visarjan.