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How Funeral Insurance Can Boost Employee Benefits in an Organization

How Funeral Insurance Can Boost Employee Benefits in an Organization
How Funeral Insurance Can Boost Employee Benefits in an Organization

Deepu Verma

20 February, 2024

How Funeral Insurance Can Boost Employee Benefits in an Organization

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In the dynamic landscape of employee benefits, organizations are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance their offerings and attract top talent. Leaving the intra-organizational competitions aside, the post-Covid landscape has caused a significant misalignment between what the employee wants and what the employers are offering. To understand this gap here is the data from a report, by WTW Co. published in 2023, highlighting the key areas where there is an alignment issue between Indian employers and employees:

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The sections highlighted in above image clearly show that the demand and supply cycle of employee benefits need correction. There are only a handful of areas that an employer could harness to create a pull for employees and those are being captured by MNCs at a very fast pace.

However, one often overlooked but impactful benefit is funeral insurance. It is an innovative idea that you can add to the employee benefits in India. Cremation Insurance is one of the least discussed and seldom utilized concepts in organizations today. But those who know the Indian culture will agree that cremation or funeral is an integral part of every religion in India.

Let’s delve into how funeral insurance can significantly boost employee benefits within an organization.

1. Providing Financial Security for Employees and Their Families

Funeral insurance, also known as final expense insurance, is designed to cover the costs associated with a person’s funeral, cremation, and related expenses. While it may not be a topic discussed frequently, its importance cannot be overstated. Here’s how funeral insurance contributes to financial security:

  • Immediate Payout: In the unfortunate event of an employee’s demise, funeral insurance ensures an almost immediate lump-sum payout to the bereaved family. This timely financial support helps cover funeral expenses without delay.
  • Relieving Financial Burden: Losing a loved one is emotionally challenging, and the financial burden of funeral costs can exacerbate the situation. Funeral insurance provides relief by easing the financial strain on the family during a difficult time.

2. Complementing Existing Employee Benefits

Funeral insurance seamlessly complements other employee benefits, enhancing the overall package. Here’s how it aligns with existing offerings:

  • Healthcare and Wellness: While health insurance covers medical expenses during an employee’s lifetime, cremation insurance steps in when the inevitable occurs. It ensures that the family isn’t burdened with funeral costs, allowing them to focus on bidding a dignified farewell and healing.
  • Workers’ Compensation: In cases where an employee’s death is work-related, workers’ compensation provides death benefits. Funeral insurance can supplement these benefits, covering additional expenses beyond what workers’ compensation offers.

3. Addressing Cultural and Emotional Needs

India is a land of extreme diversities and the same is reflected in the post-death practices prevalent in different regions and religions. Different cultures have varying funeral customs and rituals. Funeral insurance recognizes these differences and allows employees to honor their traditions without financial constraints. Whether it’s a traditional ceremony, cremation, or memorial service, funeral insurance ensures that employees and their families can carry out their wishes.

However, while choosing funeral insurance for the employees, a trusted funeral services provider like Last Journey must be identified. Addressing the complex requirements in Indian cremations is a herculean task and only a professional service provider with robust infrastructure could handle it.

4. Boosting Employee Morale and Loyalty

When employees feel valued and supported, their loyalty to the organization grows. Offering funeral insurance demonstrates empathy and care for their well-being. It sends a powerful message that the company stands by its employees during life’s most challenging moments. It further reflects the company’s keen interest in the long-term association with the employee and its care for the minutest personal need of the employee.

5. Ease of Implementation

Implementing funeral insurance is straightforward. Organizations can partner with insurers to provide group policies for employees. The premiums are often affordable, making it an attractive addition to the benefits package. The organizations could also entrust this task with a reliable and trusted funeral services provider and partner with it to handle all the necessary aspects in lieu of the nominal charges payable. It will reduce the complexity and enhance the quick delivery of services in such situations of emergency as death.


Funeral insurance may not be a flashy benefit, but its impact is profound. By offering funeral insurance, organizations show compassion, enhance employee well-being, and create a workplace culture that values both professional and personal aspects of life. As businesses strive to attract and retain talent, funeral insurance emerges as a thoughtful and meaningful addition to their benefits portfolio.

Remember, it’s not just about the bottom line; it’s about caring for the people who drive organizational success.

Last Journey is India’s leading funeral and cremation services provider. Backed up with a strong pan India network run by team of experts in almost every major city, Last Journey is dedicated to providing an end-to-end solution and partner with organizations to provide their services. If you found this article helpful, stay tuned for more informative content!

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