Cremation Grounds

The passing away of a loved one is beyond doubt, one of the most painful experiences of life. While it takes time to accept the loss, we are immediately imposed with many other responsibilities such as informing other relatives, conducting the last rites and handling the legalities.

However sad the situation is, it is significant to conduct the last rites with dignity and grace. The traditional customs of the funeral hold a lot of power and meaning. They allow the soul of the lost one to achieve peace and liberation. It gives you a chance to spend time with your family and prayer together.

The last Journey aims to make this time a little easier for you. We offer comprehensive funeral services while you bid that last goodbye.

One of the foremost tasks includes booking a slot at the cremation/burial ground of your choice. Our team at Last Journey ensures you that we will coordinate with the ground; and arrange for everything including the hearse van in Pune, mortuary van, freezer box, Pandit, antim kriya samagri, Asthi Visarjan, Puja, Hawan, Prayer Hall, Shraadh Ceremony, and much more.


Here is a list of the best Cremation Grounds in Pune with address, contact, and services:

  1. Dapodi Cremation Ground
  2. Electric Crematorium Pimpri
  3. Muktidham Crematorium
  4. Vaikunth Smashanbhumi / Hindu Crematorium
  5. Baner Hindu Crematorium
  6. Kailash Smashan Bhumi Crematorium
  7. City Church Cemetery Pune


Traditionally due to the customs, more people preferred the open-air pyre cremation, but with time and economic feasibility, people have started opting for electric and CNG Cremation. The process of electric cremation makes use of furnaces and allow the family to collect the ashes within a few hours. It is a more eco-friendly option as there is no burning of wood, and hence, emissions are not released. The cremation grounds in Pune offer both wood pyre cremation and electric cremation.

The cremation grounds are also known as Shmashanas. Their architecture is as per the instructions of the religious scriptures as there are beliefs regarding the direction in which the head of the deceased should be while conducting the last rites. Here the antim sanskar or the last rites are conducted by priests and the chief mourner.

For the religions that believe in burying their loved ones, there are many cemeteries, burial grounds, and graveyards in Pune that offer funeral services. Our team assures you of full commitment and compassion from our side. We will customize all our services as per your preferences.

Cremation Grounds List:

  1. Baner Hindu Crematorium
  2. City Church Cemetery Pune
  3. Dapodi Cremation Ground
  4. Electric Crematorium Pimpri
  5. Kailash Smashan Bhumi Crematorium
  6. Kharadi Smashan Bhoomi
  7. Kothrud Shamshanbhumi Apc & Electric
  8. Muktidham Crematorium
  9. Pimpri Crematorium Traylokya Shamshan Bhumi
  10. Sutarwadi Smashan APC
  11. Vaikunth Smashanbhumi / Hindu Crematorium
  12. Wadagaon Dhayari Smashanbhumi Apc
  13. Wakad Crematorium