Dead Body Transportation by Road

  1. Monday-Sunday, 24*7 ambulance service in Pune
  2. Safe and Secure transportation of the dead body
  3. On-time delivery of hearse at your doorstep
  4. Sanitized mortuary van(with freezer) for long-distance travel
  5. Interstate dead body transport by train with the freezing system
  6. All-time Last Journey support staff for assistance and supervision

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Last Journey funeral transport services in Pune

The demise of a family member, friend, or relative comes with a sense of overbearing pain. We may know the whole life that we have to face this truth, but its occurrence, whether sudden or known, can cause grief of different types.

The first step in the process of dealing with the death of a loved one is to conduct a dignified funeral and cremation service. Though it may seem like a big responsibility at that time, it will not only allow you to heal but also make sure that the soul of the deceased is at peace.

What is a hearse and Mortuary Van?

Last Journey’s hearse van in Pune is a vehicle specifically designed to carry your loved one in a coffin/casket/stretcher. The transport is used to transit the deceased from home to the cremation/burial ground.

We make sure that you face no problem at all in transporting the lost one. Dead Body transportation by Pune has been made a stress free task by the Last Journey Funeral Services. Our vehicle will arrive timely at your doorstep along with staff members for help. The transport van is well sanitized with the best in class infrastructure.

It is an emotional time, and we want to ensure a memorable last ride in honour of the deceased.

How to transport a dead body from Pune?

The last Journey offers affordable, comfortable, and the fastest dead body transport services in Pune. A funeral service is a very personal event. There may arise situations where you need to transport the deceased to another city or state. For such scenarios, one has to keep a lot of things in mind. Strategies have to be planned, and documents need to be arranged.

Our mortuary van services in Pune are the most suitable option for interstate or city travel. They have a built-in freezer to store the body of the deceased at low temperatures. Maintaining the temperature is crucial to ensure that the body stays safe and fresh for conducting the last rites.

Ambulance Services in Pune

Last Journey ambulance services in Pune make sure that all your instructions are recorded, requirements are met, and any other wishes are fulfilled.

The ambulance in Pune is equipped with high-class technologies so that for a stress-free ride. If required, there are emergency equipment for very critical patients. Our services are professional and up to the mark of industry standards.


The charges of transporting a body by road may vary depending on the distance to be covered. Additionally, most families may choose a certain type of vehicle or floral decorations for the deceased member. The funeral manager would be able to guide the family more on this depending on the requirements.

Your funeral manager would be able to guide you better on which transport to choose. There are ambulance services, hearse van services and mortuary van services in Pune. All the vehicles are well-equipped and have all the necessary amenities.

The deceased bodies can be transported from Pune to another by road. Whether a family chooses to transport the body by road or air depends on the timeline of the funeral services and the urgency of the matter. In some cases, it would be advised to follow a particular transportation method, which is best guided by funeral managers.